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Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.

Website begun: 13 November 1998

For those interested in such details, the content of latest updates, and/or improvements, will be noted on this page.  The most recent date will be noted first.
16 January 2003, 2:29am:  I couldn't sleep this morning so after tossing for an hour or so, I got up around 6am and started work on a new page about Rabi'a, who's been haunting me the past few days.  I wrote an opening essay and then re-formatted my 1995 notes on her from Wordstar into Word.  I transferred links that had been on the general Islamic page to this new page and launched it a few minutes ago. It became clear as I was finishing it that it's in memory of Anne.  ///// 4am: realized that I split off a new Christianity page 12/01 in the midst of webhosting chaos, but I never launched it.  I can't remember why I held it up -- maybe to complete Judaism page too?  Or because it became too complicated to re-organize the 3 Monotheisms page afterwards?  Anyway, tonight I tied up the loose ends and launched it along with Rabi'a's page.

12 January 2003, 7:34pm: In the past month, I've made minor updates here & there but didn't have time to note them on this page.  It's been extremely hectic between the usual Pacifica demands, traveling back to my new house 12/31-1/9, and now Anne's merciful death on the 10th.  Yesterday I did some editing (for length) & other minor updates on the Iraq page; today I started the Lunar New Year page for 1 February, since once the winter quarter starts 1/20, I'll have no time.  Webbing helps me to keep functioning in the midst of all the grief.  Enuf.

9 December 2002, 3am: I've made minor updates etc the past few weeks but didn't note them here as too tired & rushed.  But 12/7-9 I finally updated the Yule links page and the Mythic Shopping page.  Since both are time-sensitive, I've been feeling an added pressure to get to them. But now back to student papers....

14 November 2002, 12:37am: launched the American SW page as Myth*ing Links begins its fifth year.  Added link to home page as well as Puberty Page.  It's still a work-in-progress but looks lovely (IMHO <smile>) and there's a lot there -- much more than many "complete" sites elsewhere. Flu-y and light-headed so not staying up much of the night as I might have done otherwise.

9 November 2002, 8:58pm: I've been grokking more links for my SW Native American page the past few days.  Tonight I added Truth Out to my Current Events page & also added a link to a Bill Moyers' essay on my home page's Current Events section; moved the anti-way button there too.  Since 11/5, dark times indeed.  This isn't a time to skimp on webbings & general interconnectedness.

1 November 2002, 2:53am: finished my new Winter page last night around 4:30am -- had to dink with many of the newly added images, so it took a long time.  Thought essay would take longer, but when I realized I could use the text from Pavel's site, I let the story carry the message, and only needed a concluding paragraph.  So it all came together faster than I'd thought --- and I launched it a few minutes ago.  I think this is the earliest I've ever launched my winter page but things are so uncertain in my personal life right now that I really needed to do this.  I may still add some new links, but I can do that gradually over the coming weeks.  The essay, art, and links-check were the crucial part, and that's now done.

Next project? -- completing the SW page.  I looked at it recently and was awed by how lovely it is, despite all the ungrokked links.  I'm hoping to finish much more of it and launch it formally for my 4th website-anniversary on 11/13; it may still not be finished, but there's already a lot there, so it'll all work out.

30 October 2002, 10pm:  Completed grokking the handful of leftover, ungrokked Samhain links from 10/24 & 10/30.  That page, at least for this year, is complete.  For the past few days I've also been working on the Winter Solstice page.

23 October 2002, 11:34pm:  Over the past 2 months I've updated a few links here and there, and made other small changes, but I've been too rushed to note the changes anywhere except on the pages themselves.  Tonight, an "admirer," Jane Strong, sent me updates for the Samhain page, simply because she loves the page.  This was a great help!! -- it still took me over 6 hours to update the page but it would have taken much longer -- and might not have been done at all this year -- without her help.  It's been that kind of autumn for this new homeowner!!  I'm being pulled in a zillion directions ::chuckle::.

28 August 2002, 3:25am: Published new autumn page, archived last year's, updated Home and Wheel pages.  Also published new SW page but didn't announce it as it's still a work-in-progress.  I have a link to it on new autumn page, however, so didn't want to leave it dead.  Hope to finish it by mid-late September.

24 August 2002, 9:01am:  Slept poorly and woke at 6am.  Grieving Dan Noel's death.  Changed backgrounds, text colors, etc on Indigenous/North America Portal Page (also added 2 minimally annotated links that I transferred  the 22nd from new Autumn Equinox page) + Canadian First Peoples pages.  Deleted Webcom e-mails from both.  Started shell of new American SW page so I can shift several Pueblo links from last year's Autumn Equinox page (they're too detailed for this year's page and I don't want them "lost" on a soon-to-be-archived page).

18 August 2002, 10:19am:  Tweeked some things on the home page -- e.g., spacing & replaced wide blue/gold bar-dividers for "Current Events" & "Crone Papers" with a more greened version so that it blends in better.

13 August 2002, 3:25am:  Intense schedule since 8/3 of displacement while our small apartment complex was tented & fumigated for termites -- took me 3 days to pack up all foodstuffs, etc; then "trapped" in run-down motel for 3 days with my 2 cats -- couldn't leave them alone lest a maid discover them & we all be evicted; and then I had to go directly to a three day teaching marathon the day after my return.  The class went very well but I'm really wiped out now.  Still unpacking all the foodstuffs and trying to wash the "poisoned" dishes & utensils.  And so many papers to grade! But tonight I stole some time to add Smirking Chimp link to Current Events page.  Then shifted that category closer to top of Home page; also tweeked other things on Home page: Waverly's link, Wolfstar's, changed bars, etc.  Added e-mail poop to portal page.

2 August 2002, 1:30pm:  a few nights ago (check page for creation date), I made a page for Kathy Robles' "Lilith Remembered" poem -- & added Barbara's art to it.  Both liked it & gave permission.  Just launched it officially.

31 July 2002, 3:10pm: drowning in e-mails but did take the time to add Keith's brand new Lammas page to my own.  The ungrokked link at the bottom of my page now works again but no time to handle it now.

29 July 2002, 9:20pm: added Iraq link to Near East Portal page, and Dan's link to Pacifica-oriented page (updated Nedstat on the PGI page too so I can where the hits come from).

28 July 2002, 3:35pm:  Launched the Iraq page. Little sleep the past 3 days trying to complete as much as possible.  Put its link on the "Current Events" page too.

26 July 2002, 11:31pm: Dan's page came together fairly easily after a few more hours of work on it today, so I just Nedstated & launched it.  I added the link to my Green Man page but no time add other waiting links to that page.  Got quite a lot done on the Iraq page too -- and may launch it tomorrow -- feel driven to get that one out.

26 July 2002, 4:35am: Dan Noel sent me his lovely little Green Man essay so I started formatting it, etc.  Also updated my own Green Man page in preparation for announcing Dan's page in a few days.  Actually, have quite a lot of links to add to that page as haven't tended it in some 2 years!  Earlier, began collecting tons of Iraq images & links for new page.  No time to do this but somehow have to manage to do something.

25 July 2002, 3:20am: finished Lammas page.  Added a USA section (w/Yucca Mt. nuclear data, transferred from Home Page's "New" section -- see 11 July entry) to CURRENT EVENTS page.  Added 2 unannotated links of Hagar/Ishmael & Sarah art links to Islam page.  On Tigris-Euphrates page, changed colors & background; made minor format changes; checked all links, & revised Nedstat codes.  Started a new Iraq page because of the 7/29/02 committee meeting of senators debating the issue.  Makes me sick -- have to do *some*thing.

23 July 2002, 10:42pm: updated two broken Lammas links and added a batch of new annotations for new Lammas links.....have only 3 left.

18-19 July 2002, predawn: started working on links, etc for Lammas page.

11 July 2002, 9:50pm: added a "What's New on the Web" feature under my usual NEW section.  Put the Map Science site from Kathy R. on it -- am still reeling from the govt's decision to transport all that nuclear waste to Nevada.  Insanity.

23 June 2002, Sunday 11:07am:  I added "Animals, Ethics & von Franz" to Crone Papers, also several "forthcomings," & launched it a few minutes ago.  There are 13 pieces in the index now & that's enough with which to start.

22 June 2002, Saturday 10:43am:  I've been up all night since getting home from our Solstice ritual at 1:39am.  I added 3 new pages to my Crone Papers: Millennial Weather 2000 + Mad Cow/Holy Saturday +  Prometheus.  It's amazing how long it takes to re-format, etc only 3 pages (note: in fairness, I also revised and re-sized many images & text for new oracle so I wasn't spending all my time on Crone Papers -- but I did spend quite a lot on checking misc. links, and all the fussy navigation required for this sort of thing -- I still haven't announced this new section).

14 June 2002, 2:55am: There's been so little time lately, but tonight I revised my Spring Equinox 2002 page, especially adding 2 significant new paragraphs (following new image of CU of Forest Hands) + an updated version of Sandra's "Ancient Forests" + Forest Hands detail from her painting of "holding the standing-wave."  The text revisions are due to great feedback from Keith Heidorn, the "Weather Doctor."  I then extracted this essay and images and published it in my Crone Papers series.  I still haven't officially announced that series, however.  I'd like to complete it first but that could take weeks.

27 May 2002, Memorial Day, 3pm:  Last night until 2am I started gathering my scattered "crone-ish" essays into one central place, the Crone PapersI created an overall intro/index page and started with the 2001-2002 winter solstice page (extracting 3 separate essays: Myrrha, Ramadhan, Christmas Eve); the Myrrha opening section on that page seemed fragmented to me so I reorganized it and changed a few things; then I transferred the revised version to the new Crone Papers page; the other 2 didn't need any changes.  I also did the winter solstice 2000 millennial essay (no changes needed on that one either).  It took hours working on colorizing, etc versions of a crone-logo and for some reason none of them "took" last night.  So I e-mailed them to myself this morning, renamed each one, and now they work.  Today I also did the Wars, Weapons and Lies page -- on the original page in Common Themes, my comments are spread across several categories.  For the Crone Papers page, I had to weave them together and actually create a new revision for this purpose (the original page remains as it was).  The original Crone Papers page, Notes on the Mideast, has been formatted for a new header & footer but all else is the same.

Monday/Tuesday night, 3:13am, 21 May 2002: after a slew of minor revisions to text and image-dinks, I finally launched the 2002 Summer Solstice page using Sandra's fabulous Sekhmet painting and Rev. Chas. Henderson's essay on the Motherhood of God. This page has taken many hours of work, and yet, in a way, it "created" itself with grace and ease.

Saturday night, 18 May 2002m 10:29pm: I got a new ("used") Dell pentium computer installed 4 May 2002 with about 4 times more memory than my other one. All the images I store eat up a lot of space & the old one was nearly maxed out -- I've been skating on thin ice for months!!! Bill transferred a lot of my files at his place from 5/2-4, but more still remained (he did most of that earlier today) -- and there was no way to hook up the new one to Earthlink because we didn't have enough cords, plugs, adapters, etc to have both computers hooked up. So I've had (and still have) 2 computers. I got all that phone stuff Monday the 6th, I think, and hooked it all up, but meanwhile I had been answering lots of e-mail over the weekend and had also updated the home page with Pacifica conference & application data. So some of Bill's transfers were already out of date.....and this kept snowballing til today, especially when I discovered yesterday that I was missing a crucial step in copying files to my old CPU's "E" drive, then putting it into Bill's loaner zip-drive, which is on "G" drive in the new CPU, and copying and pasting to the new hard drive. So I've been caught betwixt & between all this time and keeping all computer work (beyond floods of e-mail, a new book proposal, summer solstice draft, PGI self-eval stuff, and downloading images from Sandra, tigger*, and a few other things) toa bare minimum. Tonight, I transferred over as many of these fragmentary pieces as I could and I think I have it pretty much intact. I also deleted the PGIconference data from the home page because the conference ends in a few hours. It's been a wild & stressful 3 weeks for many reasons.

Sunday, 28 April 2002, 1:55am: annotated new links for Beltane page.  Still missing 2 dead links, but can't do any more about them for now.

Friday, 26 April 2002, 8:50pm: updated 3 Boise Matthews SW links on Day of Dead and Winter Greetings 2001 pages (checked all links on Day of Dead too -- 2 might have problems at UCSD -- will look again in the autumn).  Two or 3 days ago checked all Beltane links and updated what I could.  Still have some pending.

22 April 2002, 7:01am, Earth Day: gathered together a lot of misc. links (mine & others) & finally created a "Current Events" page.  Have had a bad sore throat/cold/fever since Wednesday afternoon.  Crazy to stay up all night doing this new page (but coughing would probably have prevented sleep anyway)!  I only meant to spend 90 minutes on it and then an hour or so/day over the next week.  Alas, shot my wad in one spurt.  So be it.   Depressed anyway over so many things so at least I accomplished something tonight.  ::sigh::

7-8 April 2002, 4:18am:  later on Easter Sunday (see below), after a few hours of sleep, I found a group message with the text of a letter from Deena Metzger.  I created a page for it within about 2 hours because I felt it was so important. ///// Tonight, I updated the 2002 Earth Day page. I also shifted 3 Foot & Mouth disease links from last year's Earth Day page to my Common Themes "Cow/Foot & Mouth" page, since that's no longer an issue for this 2002 Earth Day. This year the idolatry of Jews and Arabs over land-issues overwhelms everything else.

31 March 2002, 1:04am, Easter Sunday: Peter M., whose site is the lead-off link on my Hungarian page, alerted me to the fact that one URL and one jpg (for male dancers) weren't working on the page, so I fixed them tonight.  Also updated the Pacifica/Jungian, etc page with Katherine's poem and Scarlet's new page.

29 March 2002, 12:47am, Good Friday: I see from the preceding entry that I forgot to log the 3/24/02 launch of my Death & Dying page on Palm Sunday.  I'm not surprised as Myth Week started a day later and I was buried in class preparation.  Meanwhile, the site kept churning up new material and has now more than doubled in size!  Given the many deaths in Afghanistan from the recent earthquake, the Passover bombings in Israel, the continuing Israeli occupation of Palestine, and new terrorist alerts for Easter in Italy, it isn't surprising that I've been deluged with images and links on death.  Anyway, tonight, I re-launched the page.

19 March 2002, 8:59pm: except for Eliki's (she's still reorganizing), I was able to track down all broken Centaur links.  The 3+ "Cheiron" pages from Austria, which are so good!, seemed to be forever lost. But I kept dinking around and finally "detective-d" them.  It was really a lucky stroke -- & I'm delighted.

17-18 March 2002, 12:47am: updated Robyn Bellospirito's links on Lorenz/Watkins 2B page; updated more Cheiron links & e-mailed for more.

15-16 March 2002, 4:10am: as odd as it must sound to "normal" folk, the Yuletide tree that I put up at winter solstice, I finally took down tonight.  It was the "carrier" of the map of my brain, and I loved having it up -- but it was time to let it go tonight, with warm blessings (I've been removing trimmings in multiple layers for over a week now, since 3/8).  Heard from Melissa about a new column she'll send out this weekend on Chiron's entry into Capricorn.  She wants to link to me, which I welcome, but I needed to update the Centaur page for her link.  This is now done, although I may want to add her column afterwards.

12-13 March 2002, 1:32am: tweeked some text on the new spring equinox page; added 3 new annotated links for this year; deleted music as it was distracting with such a long & serious essay, plus it increased load times.

11 March 2002, 6:49pm:  since the wee hours of 2/14-15, I've been working off and on on the new Spring 2002 essay.  It's been a difficult one and several times I nearly let it go.  I considered simply changing the dates but using last year's message and art.  Slowly, however, it came together and demanded to be said.  It's online now.

1 March 2002, 3:40pm: Some recent updates to "New" on my Home Page: February 19-20th and again today I added several fine links on Israeli refusniks & other peace movements; today I shifted December "New" entries to Archive Page.  Over the past week I've also updated misc. broken links here & there -- Keith's, Okana's (I still have more for her to do), Caer Australis, and several others I've now forgotten.  FYI: I don't log-in such link-repair updates (despite the amount of time such things actually take) unless I do a major link-check for an entire page.  I have many. many more to do and plan to focus more on those than on creating new pages -- at least for the time being.

10 February 2002, 12:03am: I needed to update several of Frank Rogers' links on my Teachers Reference K-12 page and I did a links-check as well.  Fortunately, that's a very stable page and updates were minimal.  //////////  I also needed to delete 3 Afghan photos from my Afghan page #1.  The man's work is great but he's worried about copyright abuse.  Yet he offers postcard greeting cards!!    ANYone could abuse *that* set-up!!!  O well, it's his choice & I'll keep my thoughts to myself.  What a pity though -- his work is really fine.

9 February 2002, 10:42am: a few days ago I did a links-check on my Crone/Sages page when Robert Lentz' new business partner e-mailed me a gracious little note with a new link for Robert's art at "Trinity Stores" -- check actual page for date of this -- I've lost track.  As long as I was on the page, I checked all the other links and repaired the broken ones; some are still pending as my e-mails haven't been answered yet.

I figure that I probably average 4 or 5 broken links/page at any one time.  Spread out over some 200 pages, that means that my site as whole, out of its many thousands of annotated links, probably has about 1000 broken ones.  As soon as I fix a few, others break.  It's never-ending and I simply haven't the energy anymore to get fussed up about this.  I'll get to them when I can.  I can't do more than that.  ::sigh::

Today I fixed two of Keith's broken links on my Common Themes/Sacrality of Air page.  All his others work fine but those two got overlooked until now.  I did not do a links-check of the whole page -- it can take hours, even days, if too many links need attention, e-mails, etc.  I just don't have time!  ////////// I'm also going to do some tweeking here on there on Helene & Mary's pages (e.g., Robyn Bellospirito gave me formal permission to use her art, etc).

Btw, I tried from Feb. 1st onwards to upload a revised Europe Portal page reflecting the new Colonialism section with Mary & Helene's papers.  An earlier revision (after the first paper went online) "took" with no difficulty.  But I simply couldn't get the second one to take!  Totally baffling!  Even tried doing it in 3.01 with no luck.  Finally I realized that the original file-name used small "e" in Europe.  Somehow, in all the dratted time-outs that Earthlink suddenly is pulling this month, I had to manually type in the file name. I mistakenly used a big "E" -- these things are case sensitive, of course, and that's why I now have 2 identical pages, one with "e" and one with "E."  All my navigational pointers are to the original "e" so I'll put up a correction page for the "E," delete all its content (just in case search engines list it along with the "e"), and that should solve that.  What a mess.

1 February 2002, 1am: I checked all Imbolc links earlier this afternoon.  I love much of the material on that page and look forward to a fine ritual later tonight.  /////// For the past few days I've also been working on the second Colonialism paper from Mary Watkins & Helene Lorenz.  Finding the right images was fascinating, but also full of pitfalls.  I found some great images by black artist, Jacob Lawrence (actually, I'd never heard of him til I saw a recent CNN piece on a Whitney Museum exhibit of his), but his foundation refused to allow their use without hefty fees (over $500 for 3 years).  My firm policy is not to pay fees -- I have no budget....I also feel that sharing art is a 2-way street.  So I had to find new images to replace his -- and actually I feel the page is now even stronger.  It's in 2-parts and I finally finished all the loose ends, re-formatting, etc tonight.  It's safely launched.  I always wanted to do something special for Black History Month -- but for 3 years now I've been pulled in other directions and had no time and no energy for more.  This year, finally, launching this paper is perfect.

16 January 2002, 3:21am:  More updates made to the Pacifica page over the past 4 days as my e-mails to broken-link sites produced corrected URLs.  ///////////// Tonight, also added a ton of new epigraphs to the new Portal Page/Index  -- I went thru my huge 3-ring binder of quotes from the 1980's, which was an eye-opener.  That's the source for my new additions.  I originally had something like 9 epigraphs on that Portal Page, of which the only woman was von Franz, which shocked me.  One out of 9 is really poor.  But I honestly felt more influenced by males than females -- although I should also note that then, as now, more males were published than females.  Yet in looking at my quotes from the '80's, I realized that women writers (e.g., Agnes De Mille) also had a profound effect on me in more subtle ways.  So I added them.  I now have 21 entries, of which 7 (e.g., 1/3rd) are from women writers. I want it to be 50/50, but that will have to wait until I have more time. /////////// Also Nedstated the new index page, as I'm curious to see what kind of traffic it's getting.

12 January 2002, Saturday, 5:47pm: the night of Wed-Thurs 1/9-10/02, I worked from about 10:30pm - 6:30am on the Colonialism paper from Helene and Mary that I'd asked them for last fall.  I've been wanting to do it for ages but just was too swamped.  I announced it officially yesterday.  ///////////////  That cleared the way to update my long-overdue Pacifica Faculty, Students, etc page today: I could now add the link to Helene & Mary's paper, also Mari's Medusa Works and Stephanie's Myth o Poetry.  Then I also added 4 Jung, Campbell, etc links.  Total: 7 new links and updated a few others.  No time to do a full link-check but spot-checked a lot of them.  Also today: added Mary & Helene's link to the Europe Portal Page; tweeked some re-formatting on the home page.  None of this sounds like much but I've spend most of the day doing it, plus the ever-present e-mails.

/////////////////// 11:16pm: as long as I was already working on the Pacifica page, and had spot-checked many links, I made the mistake of going back and checking *all* of the links.......I have to say that many of the psychology sites (NOT the myth sites) are every bit as flakey as wicca, New Age, Egyptian, & Near Eastern sites (which are the ones I've heretofore dreaded most when it comes to link-checks)!  I mean, they jump around like grasshoppers and pull pages with no forwarding addresses.  It makes me crazy!!!  I updated many of them and also e-mailed a ton of others to see if they could provide updates for broken links.  I'm not holding my breath. It makes my page look very messy with all the "broken link" notifications, but I just hate to delete them outright until I know for sure that they're really gone.  I truly had expected these folks to be a tad more, well, anal, in handling their sites responsibly ::sigh::  I wish I had cable or DSL so that I could do all this faster.  It's very frustrating.

30 December 2001, 11:39pm: I pulled the plug on the Verio account at 8:11pm tonight.  So I'm now fully with Future Quest -- the few dozens who are still accessing via Verio will, I hope, soon find their way to the new server.

Meanwhile, in the wee hours of this morning I updated the Lunar New Year/Snake Year page, transferred what was relevant to the Horse Year page (which I'd already re-designed back on 12/5, I think [I noted it on the page itself -- not on this Update page], since I knew I wouldn't have time once the new quarter starts 1/8).  Then I published both.  I'm keeping the current URL for the Horse Year so as not to mess up search engines, etc.  I added new links and another horse image to the page this evening and finally announced the updates on the home page.  I usually don't update that page until late January but so many people are going to the page via search engines with search terms that include either "horse" or "2002" that I decided I'd better update it ASAP.  Interestingly, that page got more hits this month than my Christmas/solstice/Yuletide pages!!  No idea why.  ///////// I still need to re-Nedstat about 40 pages, but will take my time.  Except for that, no other pressing webbing demands.  What a relief!

Christmas Night, Tuesday/Wednesday, 4am: launched Prometheus page, finally!  It's been nearly 6 months but I simply didn't have the clarity to proofread it until now because I knew it'd be intense.  I think it'll work now -- so that's that.

Christmas Day, Tuesday, 3:06pm:  Added a lovely "eerie sounds in ancient monuments" piece to European Prehistoric page; also added a link to Winter Greetings page on implications of 4th c. text on Bethlehem star.  Now back to reading Machaelle Small Wright's Dancing....

Sunday-Monday pre-dawn, 12:11am, 24 December 2001: Earlier today (Sunday), I was answering some e-mails from late Sept - early Oct.  One was from Cyber Tigger (I'd used one of their images on one of my 4 Elements pages and they'd written to thank me).  I went back to their site, clicked on "Stones" at random, then on #7, which was so-so, and then on #5, which I instantly fell in love with!  I wish I'd never seen it! -- because it wouldn't let go of me while I was working on the pages mentioned below.  I knew it'd work best on my European Pre-history page but I've vowed to stop spending so much time webbing -- not only because of growing traffic problems but because I honestly need a breather from so much intensity.  However, for the past 7+ hours I've been re-designing, checking all links, and adding a few new ones to that page.  I think it looks beautiful so I'm glad I did it, but I'm also very, very drained.  Enuf.  Time to read a little & turn in.

Sunday, 23 December 2001, 4:45pm: Well, only about 150 people yesterday accessed my site thru Verio.  Everyone else has servers who have switched to Future Quest, so that's a relief.  By the time I close down the account with Verio on 12/29, there should only be a handful still going there; hopefully, they'll eventually find me on their servers.

Meanwhile, I finished the lengthy links check on the Anatolia page -- also added 2 new links from Adrienne & re-Nedstated the page.  Also re-Nedstated 3 Monotheisms (& redesigned page), Star Lore, and Baltic States.  I'm now hoping to do 2 or 3 re-Nedstats/day because I have no idea how much longer they'll keep the old stats (I've e-mailed them but no response -- also, no e-mail with Basic Code updates for the final batch of 22 files I added 12/17 & 18/01 -- I e-mailed for that too but not holding my breath).

Friday, 14 December 2001, 3:27pm: since last entry, I've been bogged down in a blizzard of e-mails to & from potential new hosting sites: the UK,, & Future Quest.  I've spent hours researching various aspects of all this & can hardly wait for it to be over.  I finally chose Future Quest yesterday -- still have to ftp everything down from Verio & up to FQ.  Yuk.  In the meantime, over the past few days, I've made misc. link checks, updates, format changes, etc, etc, to Islam, Yule pages, China, Buddhism, and I'm halfway thru Anatolia (I've known for at least a year that there are a lot of dead links there -- plus I really wanted to get Marla Mallett's data online, so I took the time today).  I'll start the ftp-ing later when access will probably be easier.

Saturday, pre-dawn, 8 December, 2:23am: yesterday [12/6/02] updated & added new links to Mythic Shopping page; tonight checked links on Yule page -- will need to contact webmasters, where possible, about broken URLs. My recent re-upload of Lunar New Year page (see 12/1/01) "took"; tonight I re-loaded "Weaving" page too.

Sunday, pre-dawn, 2 December 2001, 1:24am: finished Islam except for a few unnoticeable loose ends.  Added its link to Near East's 3 Monotheisms page, plus deleted the old Islam section there & did some other revisions; then re-designed Near East Portal Page while I was adding the Islam link (switched from woodsey7 to a dark brown textured background -- make a great difference! -- much more handsome!).  Announced new Islam page on home page; still need to Nedstat it [done later].

Saturday night, 1 December 2001, 7:54pm: the site was suspended noon-ish Tuesday 11/27.  I hated for that to happen but the excess-estimate was $113 for 2.5 days, which is crazy.  At least, I thought it was for 2.5 days! -- I expected it to go back online at 12:01am on Thursday/Friday night 11/30, which is when my next billing period starts.  That's how Webcom would have handled it.  But Verio's greedy #^%*&s have a weird policy that mandates any suspended site doesn't go back up til the 1st of the month!!  So I was down for a full extra day.  I ranted and raved to billing people yesterday, but it did no good.  Since my traffic problems will doubtless continue, that means I'd lose 4 days/year of "dead" time for months with 30 days and 14 days/year of "dead" time for the 7 months w/31 days.  I'd win an extra 2 days from February -- but that still means 16 "dead" days/year.  That's outrageous.  So I'm going to have to move again.

Meantime, I restored the text-only pages to full service on my home & Creation-I pages around noon today.  Tonight I reloaded my Weaving page because the 11/8 upload with Netscape Gold "erased" Nedstat.  (That's why Nedstat vanished from my home page too: see entry for 11/17, below.)  I'll bet the same is true of Lunar New Year so will upload it too.  Updated Winter 2001 as Joanna's and Waverly's URLs needed to be updated.  Will launch new Islam page tonight, but not officially (link is live on home page but no announcement under "NEW."

Sunday night, 25 November 2001, 11:03pm: well, last month the 6 gigs with Webcom only lasted for the first 2 weeks of the monthly billing period.  The new 10 gigs with Verio will probably run out by tomorrow night, but that means the site will only be down 3 days, not 2 weeks, so I'm still ahead.  I hate all this niggling over gigs but I have no other option unless PGI gets its own server.  I've spent 3 weeks going thru this move, with all its bizarre problems, and simply can't do it again, even if I knew of a host that would give me more gigs for the same money.  It's been very draining....endless hours online and on the phone with tech people.  /////////////// Anyway, in an attempt to trim whatever I can to keep things up a little longer, I turned my two top pages into text-only pages: yesterday, I did this to the home page (I used this text-only page in October too) & tonight I added Creation Myths  (created its text-only page tonight).  The difference?  home page usually = c.175 KB; now it's 36KB.  Creation in its full version = 207 KB; now it's 31 KB.  So this should help.

Wednesday pre-dawn, 21 November 2001, 12:48am: removed 10/01 Symposium data from Trickster page and updated menu; updated e-mail data on general Reference page, Cross-Cultural reference page, & Pacifica/Jungian, etc Reference page.  (Note: I pulled the plug on all Webcom e-mail addresses today so people using them will have messages bounced back to them.  I e-mailed Morri days ago, asking for his help in updating the whole batch, but I've had no word.  Since the Webcom account now belongs to someone else, I had to do this.  I simply can't update all those pages, one by one.  The upside is that a lot of spam and porn going thru that e-mail address will now get weeded out!

Saturday, 17 November 2001, 11:17am:  I discovered a few days ago that my home page's Nedstat had vanished.  Only the one or two hits/day from servers still accessing Webcom get registered (because that's an older page).  The problem is that the program in which I compose & publish my pages, Netscape Communicator 4.06, had faulty preference DLLs (for unknown reasons) & it wanted the whole program reinstalled before it could accept the Webcom-Verio updates, password changes, etc, etc.  So I've been jury-rigging all updates by going to Netscape Gold, which tends to play havoc with spacing, etc on these pages.  I've kept changes to a minimum because of this -- but I need Nedstat on that home page!

So in the midst of more fine-tuning of images and text for the new Winter Solstice page (and dealing w/continuing harrassment from another quarter), I've been trying to find a version of 4.06 to install.  Netscape's own archives only offers this for a UNIX platform and I couldn't find anything anywhere else.  I turned in desperation to Andrys, bless her heart, and she sent me to a site where I could either get Navigator 4.08, or Communicator 4.79.  I need Communicator (Nav. doesn't include Composer, as far as I know).  Andrys herself uses 4.79 as she says it's the best and last of the stable Netscape browers (the 6 series are said to be horrific).  I finally bit the bullet yesterday, carefully saved both my large bookmark files on another drive (just in case!) and downloaded 4.79.  It took over 2 hours (slow modem).  It successfully incorporated my bookmarks with no hitch and I was delighted.

Then I tried to publish the revised home page with reinstalled Nedstat tags.  I tried all kinds of combos with no success.  I kept getting "unable to locate server."  I tried my IP #, ftp prefixes, etc, etc and nothing worked.  I put in the same data I already in Gold's updated preferences, but it wouldn't "take."  So I gave up last night in exhaustion.

This morning I called Verio tech support and was told they don't support Netscape 4.79.  The guy was really nice & suggested I use a regular ftp program, but that's just more steps and hassle!  He doesn't use Netscape himself and didn't know any other tech person there who does.  But he did mention one possible format, which gave me a clue.  I went back online and experimented with his suggestion -- it didn't work but it pointed me in the right direction.  Eventually, through trial & error, I solved it and the home page w/Nedstat is now back online.

I then archived the past year of updates and stripped this page of everything prior to the 3rd anniversary entry of 11/13/01.  Enuf!!  I seem to remember I had a life once -- I need to reclaim it.  I may even go see Harry Potter this weekend!

Tuesday, 13 November 2001, 7:27pm: I was up til the wee hours (3:25am) last night working on the Winter Greetings page (started work 9 November but had to do it piecemeal due to host-changes, etc, etc). I finished the final piece on Ramadan this afternoon and launched it an hour or so ago. It celebrates the site's 3rd year anniversary.


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