17 December 2005 [updated 11/12/09]:I highly recommend the 3 relaxing, exhilarating, biofeedback-based games of the Wild Divine Project.  I was their Mythology/Religion/Psychology consultant on game-2, "Wisdom Quest," of this series.  I also wrote its Companion Guide (Note: as of  2009, the new owners are no longer offering this $10 PDF download -- please contact me directly -- with "Companion Guide" in the subject line -- if you're interested in a copy: jenks7ATacdDOTnet).
An Annotated & Illustrated Collection of Worldwide Links to Mythologies,
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by Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.

Mythic Shopping Links

Silver Hoof
(Courtesy of Russian Sunbirds)

"Silver Hoof" is a Russian fairytale about an impoverished grandfather and his young granddaughter.  They are awakened one winter night by a strange noise on the roof.  When they run outside to investigate, they find a magical deer, Silver Hoof.  Wherever the deer's hooves strike, sparks fly, leaving precious jewels in their wake.  Overwhelmed with gratitude and joy, the two gather up the jewels....and live happily ever after.

This is a wonderful story about gifts from mythic realms -- hopefully, this page will provide you with inspiration for other kinds of Mythic Gifts.......

Silver Hoof: the young maiden with all the gifted jewels
(Courtesy of Tradestone International)

First, throughout my many webpages you'll find stunning images from Russian lacquer artists.  My freedom to use these is due to the generosity of Andrew and Tatyana at Tradestone International in Baltimore, and Pavel at Russian Sunbirds, which used to be in San Diego but they have now moved back to Russia.  Both firms have exquisitely crafted boxes and jewelry ranging from under $50 to thousands of dollars.  Like many of the sites on my pages, both also carry relevant books.

I use art from many other artists on my pages.  Foremost among them is my friend and Green World Oracle collaborator, Sandra Stanton at Goddess Myths.  She offers her notecards, prints, journals, Sacred Mysteries of the Divine Feminine Wall Calendar, and her new oracular "Goddess Wisdom Cards" (I have both the calendar and Wisdom cards and love them).  (A portion of all proceeds goes to The Global Fund for Women which assists grassroots women's groups around the world.)

Another artist whose work appears in my pages is Joanna Powell Colbert.  At her site you'll find notecards, prints, a beautiful book of illustrated meditations on the Goddess (The Lady in Green), and Feasts of the Goddess: Sage Woman Calendar (I have the meditations and Joanna's calendar and love them too).

  [Added 11/18/00]:   This is the garden statuary page for JWH Studio in Lowell, Mass.  It displays great items suitable either for indoors or out:  http://www.jwhstudio.com/wlplq.html -- my favorite is the Oaksman sculpture, which I've owned for several months and just love (I'm trying to convince the artist to make a Hollyman also, since the Oak King and Holly King belong to the same cycles <smile>). The site also offers gargoyles, candleholders, mythological & classical statues, and much more.  [12/9/02: I now own Pomona as well, a lovely companion piece to Oaksman.]

[Added 12/9/02; annotation updated 11/20/03; direct link updated 12/19/09]: For more Green Men and Green Women, try Gaelsong, a Celtic-focused site in the USA.  For the five Green Men and Women shown (plus more), here's a direct link: http://www.gaelsong.com/product/7166/Decor_Plaques.  I own three of the small, unbronzed plaques and love them, especially "Star Man." They have many other products as well, Browse around -- they have some great things.

  Herne's Celtic / Wicca Connection also offers a wide range of Celtic and pagan sculpture in the Magickal Shop (I bought a lovely Paul Borda sculpture of Cerridwen "enmeshed" with her cauldron from here -- it's now being carried elsewhere: see below), as well as jewelry (both pagan and Celtic), incense (my super-sensitive nose recommends the Satya Sai Baba "Nag Champa" -- very pure and long-lasting), fragrance oils and supplies, books, tarot decks, and much more.

[Added 12/6/01]:This is Design Toscano, a place offering medieval and Renaissance replicas from Europe.  I've been ordering from their mail-order catalogue for many years and only recently realized that they also have an online site (with weekly specials available *only* online).  I've gotten Green Men, Celtic mugs & chalices, a tiny Stonehenge replica, a Grecian-style pedestal featuring the Muses, a Pegasus shelf, 2 Egyptian candleholders, an Isis chalice, a fabulous mirror flanked by stern guardian-dragons, and much more.  I've never been disappointed in the quality of their offerings.

  I've bought replicas of ancient goddess statues & medieval Green Men for years from JBL (Jai Bhagavan Ltd.) or, to use their new name, Sacred Source.  Among their customers they number Robert Bly and Riane Eisler; the late Joseph Campbell and Marija Gimbutas were also customers of theirs.  (A large portion of all proceeds goes to support the Hindu artisans who create these sculptures.)

  [12/19/09: my Links-Elf reports that this site has been hijacked by an unrelated firm, so I have removed the link lest it lead to viruses, etc.  Hopefully, the site will be back again next year with a new domain name]: This is the "Gathering Place," a non-profit organization of Navajo artists dedicated to active outreach programs for the Navajo people.  Here you'll find wonderful jewelry, toys (including neat fleecy bears -- see photo), paintings, pottery, and much more.  I bought a small pair of baby boots in a mossy-green fleece for Alise-Katlin, the tiny 6 months old daughter of my dear friend Janice -- they're beautiful enough to hang on a Christmas tree when she's older; for now, Alise-Katlin will begin to "walk in beauty" in these lovely creations.  They shipped immediately and the booties arrived 3 days later.  Note: they also have a great collection of Native American related links, many are to other organizations with similar active outreach programs.

  I had heard great things about Winter Sun for years.  What everyone praised was the sacred way in which all their high quality medicinal herbs were gathered.  I finally met the founder, ethnobotanist Phyllis Hogan, a few summers ago when I was near Flagstaff, Arizona for a private ritual with several of my friends and students.  I now count Phyllis among my friends as well -- she's a remarkable woman.  I also know firsthand how extraordinary her herbs are (my favorite is her "Osha' Root & Echinacea," an especially great combination for cold and flu season).  In addition to herbs, Phyllis carries jewelry, books, and stunning Kachina figures made by local Hopi artists.
[Added 12/6/01]:  Above, on Herne's Celtic Connection site, I mentioned Paul Borda's sculpture of Cerridwen (see image to the left).  I have since bought more Borda pieces because I love his work.  For example, the "God and Goddess candlesticks" shown below delighted me when I first saw them last year and I now own them.  Borda's studio is Dryad Design.  He doesn't sell his work directly but he does provide a Links Page to online firms who do.

  I checked some of his links and finally ordered the candlesticks from Lady Robyn's "Castle Decor Directory" at Medieval Mayhem  -- it's an attractive site offering a huge selection of treasures; when I ordered the candlesticks, Lady Robyn went the extra mile to ship them in time for last year's winter solstice, which I greatly appreciated.  The candlesticks are wonderful -- I now mark the moon phases by rotating the maiden, mother, crone images on the Goddess candlestick; and I mark the equinoxes with the Leaf King (or Leaf Man), who reigns from Spring to Fall, and the Stag King (or Antlered God), who rules during the dark months of the year.

[Added 12/6/01; name change (from original "Goddess Gallery") and new link updated 12/19/09]:  Yet another link I like from Borda's Links Page is Portland, Oregon's The Guiding Tree -- it's very slow-loading [they're working on this] & trapped in frames, but it does have a terrific page of rotating images of some of Borda's pieces, including his God & Goddess candlesticks (in the main frame, click on "Featured Artist: Paul Borda / Celtic & Norse Statuary" -- I found it well worth the wait); this site's small left-hand frame offers an alphabetical listing of their huge inventory -- if you click on "Cerridwen" & like her as much as I do, you'll be able to order from here; they also offer many other items.

I haven't ordered from these
but they look good:

....[Added 11/20/03; link updated main link and added the 2 product links on 12 November 2009]This is The Goddess and the Green Man, a handsomely designed site for a shop in Glastonbury.  They have wonderful statues, jewelry, books, and much more.  A friend just sent me the link and I enjoyed exploring it.  I love the little "Dreaming Moon Hare" and also the "Face of Pan" <smile>.

  [Added 11/18/00]:  This is Ancient Circles -- here you'll find treasures in clothing, drums, jewelry, art, masks, and much more.

[Added 12/6/01]:This is Heifer International, a non-profit, global Christian organization that uses your donations to supply animals (e.g., goats, cows, ducks, camels), bees, tree-seedlings, etc. to those who most need such help to get on their feet again.  You can select what you want your donation to purchase.  Costs run from $30-$5000, but for $10 you can also buy a "share" in giving an animal.  To give this in the name of one of your friends or family members would make a great gift.

Trees for the Future offers gift certificates -- $50 will pay for the planting of 200 trees in a deforested area of the earth.  Great for all ages. [Added 12/6/01]: From their recently updated autumn 2001 home page:

...Can planting one tree contribute to Global Peace? The answer is YES! When the bombing stops and the dust clears, Trees for the Future plans to start tree planting nurseries, fruit orchards, and other sustainable development projects in cooperation with the local farmers in Afghanistan. As we work as a nation to restore PEACE and mend our relationships in the Global Community, let Americans not forget to replenish the wounded environment, the Earth itself, which sustains us all.  Planting TREES does that....

What Not to Buy for Children:
The Case against Violence & Tastelessness

  This link isn't for shopping, but, rather, for NOT-shopping for the many violent and tasteless toys on the market for children.  Many organizations deplore such toys but one of the most direct and thoughtful critiques comes from  Pat Grauer, a United Methodist, spouse of a minister, mother of three, and the about.com guide to "Christianity: Protestantism."  Her essay is called "Monsters in the Toybox."[12/6/01: this essay has now vanished -- I've written the current guide at about.com to see what happened to it.]

12/9/02: I still have been unable to locate the above essay but I recently came across another excellent, hardhitting piece on the same theme by Bob Herbert for the New York Times, 11/28/02.  Since this is for educational purposes, I have taken the liberty of reprinting it: The Gift of Mayhem.

12/12/04: -- and here's Beliefnet.com's Third Annual Guide to Holiday Gifts for Children, including pre-teens and teens.

[FYI: if you click on the Hunger Site on my Winter Greetings page,
you'll find sponsors offering gifts from many countries.
I haven't dealt with any of these yet but they look excellent -- and the cause is great.]

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