Oh, Great Goddess of the Land
          That lies yet once again in conflict,
          Soaked in blood and sorrow for 600 years,
          Hear our prayer for peace.

          Lady Slava, sacred Bird Goddess,
          Who holds all the Gods Between Her wings,
          Symbol of Old Europe flying overhead,
          Let the hurts of the centuries begin to heal,
          Let the stories mothers tell their children
          Be of hope and growth, not hate and killing.

          Blessed Virgin of Medjugorje,
          Bring holy healing in Your hands
          For wounds of spirit and lost hope,
          As well as body, limbs, and mind;
          Put your loving arms around the
          Victims of the power-hungry warlords.

          Great Fatimah, Daughter of the Prophet,
          You who understand the sanctity of family,
          Let Your strong Hand protect the innocent.
          Grant them compassion, hope, and mercy;
          Return them to their homes and families
          So joy and love can replace terror and blood.

          In this time of Spring's renewal
          And Divine Resurrection,
          We pray for peace and justice
          For all the Balkan peoples.
          Blessed Be!

                                        -Judith Brownlee
                                           Orthodox Easter, 11 April 1999

About this site,
this "sacred space,"
this "cyber-shrine":

In looking for an appropriate context for this Peace Invocation, I immediately thought of surrounding it with strong blues.  In the West, the color blue, traditionally, has been associated with the Virgin Mary as well as with Muhammad's daughter, Fatimah.  Blue is the color that wards off the "evil eye" -- Moslem homes are often protected with the handprints of young girls, whose hands have been dipped in dark blue dye.

In the East, the blue of lapis lazuli is the color of the healing "Medicine Buddha."  In Hinduism, when Shiva swallowed the Kalakuta (the poison of  broken promises), and held it safely in his throat, his throat turned blue -- and from his act of compassion, both warring "gods" and "demons" were saved from destruction.  Thus, blue is profoundly connected to healing, and to the throat chakra -- i.e., with human -- and humane -- compassionate speech.

As Judith's powerful invocation spills out of our hearts and voices this crucial spring, may all these vast powers of healing and sanity come to our aid.

                                               -Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.

Note: if you're interested in how this Peace Invocation came to be, please go to Part Two.   Interspersed in the e-mails between Judith and me, this page also includes 17 links to sites with historical data on these current and medieval conflicts (in addition, there are two paintings of Slavic goddesses by Sandra Stanton).


23 April 1999: Here are two very important links to letters from women about Kosovo/Serbia. The first is from a woman living in Belgrade who is a member of the Green Party; the second is from a Londoner who is a member of the international Women in Black group:


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