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My Good Causes Page
The archetype of interconnectedness (e.g., the "Jeweled Web of Indra," recognized by Hinduism and Buddhism, and the "Golden Rule," recognized in much of the West) reflects one of our deepest and best instincts.  To this end, I have collected the following "Good Causes," which link all of us on the worldwide web.
For me, it all began with the widely recognized and award-winning Hunger Site, launched in June 1999.  The people who run that one have since added the Rainforest Site, the Kids Aids Site, the Child Survival Site, and the Breast Cancer Site.  In the meantime, other excellent sites following the same principles are springing up: I've tried to select the best and/or most promising.

Just click daily (their computers will only count one/day) -- it'll cost you nothing because sponsors (who like to be associated with good causes & hope you'll visit their sites) pay for each of your daily clicks.......

This next one gives you access to 7 major environmental campaigns all on one page; each time you click, you're given access to the remaining ones.  Once you're in, the process is very fast:
10/4/04, Feast of Francis of Assisi: The Animal RescueSite is having trouble getting enough people to click on their site. They need a certain number of clicks to meet their daily quota in order to get free food donated by corporations for abused and neglected animals.  Please save their link & click daily.  It's good karma. :-)


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