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30 April 2012 Note:

Due to my old computer's major crash of 4 April 2012, many problems erupted in the new computer's Windows-7, virtual-mode XP, and my WYSIWYG authoring tool, Netscape 4.79.  As a result, all internal links on my home page were broken after I uploaded several updates. Only yesterday were they rescued by Ryan, a Geek Squad agent in Florida. Unfortunately, prior to the new defaults he set-up, I had already made some minor edits to this page, which then corrupted all its internal links (except for the 2012 January & February posts I just copied here today). It took me over 4 tedious hours last night to re-install all the home page's links. Unfortunately, I do not have time to go through that all over again, especially since you can easily go back to the home page and find the correct links.  My apologies for any inconvenience this might cause!
5 January 2013: this was never part of the "New" notices but now that I have a Facebook link to my Myth*ing Links Group, there is no longer any need for this (I even forgot I ever had it!) -- so I've deleted it:
[FYI: this Facebook page is more reliable than my e-mail list because it's easier for me to update] ------
---- However, if you'd prefer to be on my rather erratic e-mail list, which will notify you about new pages and updates, please send me an e-mail with MYTH*ING LINKS MAILING LIST in the subject line.

12 May 2012, 11:25pm EDT: Mother's Day was originally started after the Civil War as a  protest to the carnage of that war by women who had lost their sons....  Further comments by Ruth Rosen, Professor of History at UC Davis: "...The women who conceived Mother's Day would be bewildered by the ubiquitous ads that hound us to find that "perfect gift for Mom." They would expect women to be marching in the streets, not eating with their families in restaurants. This is because Mother's Day began as a holiday that commemorated women's public activism, not as a celebration of a mother's devotion to her family."

30 April 2012, 9:50am EDT: I just finished updating this year's Beltane/May Day/Walpurgisnacht/Roodmas page. Like Samhain/Halloween, this is another time of the year when the veils between the realms are thinner, allowing for the passage of new insights, visions, and a renewal of hope. Blessings to all during this ancient, holy, mysterious time.

19 March 2012, 10:05am: My Spring Equinox Greetings & Lore page has now been updated for 2012. In the USA, the equinox arrives tonight at 10:15pm PDT on the West Coast and at 1:15am EDT on the 20th.  Don't miss the page's amazing  "enlightenment curses" from Lauren Raine, which are even more relevant this year than before.  Blessings of the season!

Removed from home page 9 May 2012, 1:30am EDT:

5:15pm EDT,  29 April 2012 update:  since my 4/4 computer crash, there have been many serious problems.  Today, a new Geek Squad expert, Ryan in Florida, finally figured out what had had broken all my internal links on this page.  I'll have to update everything, link by link, but hopefully this page will be fully functional again sometime this evening.  As of right now, links are fine down to the "Common Themes, East & West" section.
7:15pm EDT: all is now fine down to "Specific Geographical Regions."
7:55pm EDT: all is now fine down to "Western Europe Portal Page." Eyes tired -- need to stop.
Next morning: 11:55am EDT -- all is done!  The Beltane page has also been updated under NEW.

1 February 2012, 6:33pm: My Imbolc/Candlemas page is now updated for this year. Blessings of this subtle, transitional season!

17 January 2012, 7:30pm: in the middle of our 2nd wild snowfall of 2012 -- and still related to the upcoming 23 January Lunar New Year of the Dragon, I have just launched the 3rd in my trilogy of related dragon pages: Dragon in Art, Literature & Culture(See below, January 11 & 8, for the first two.)

14 January 2012, 9:40am: for this weekend's USA holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as for February's Black History Month, I am again posting my 2009 Money, Wealth & Treasure page, which begins with a look at Dr. King's views on economics. Then there's a second page: Selections from Martin Luther King, Jr. on a Guaranteed Annual Income with excerpts from his humane and sensible writings. In previous years, any mention of the redistribution of wealth was considered too "far out" and fell on deaf ears. This year, however, galvanized by glaring financial inequalities and the increasing number of "Occupy" protests, I hope his ideas will become more widely known and discussed with the seriousness they deserve.

11 January 2012, 11:56pm: still related to the Lunar New Year of the Dragon, I have just launched the 2nd in a trilogy of dragon pages: Dragon & Tiger in Chinese Starlore, Constellations, & Zodiac.

8 January 2012, 10:45pm: related to yesterday's Lunar New Year of the Dragon, I spent today updating and enlarging my 1998 Common Themes: Dragons & Serpents page.

7 January 2012, 8:30pm: this year, Chinese Lunar New Year begins 23 January -- a little over two weeks away.  We will then move from the current Metal Yin Rabbit Year to the new Water Yang Dragon Year, which I just put online this afternoon.  Dragon brings problems, as all zodiac animals do, but it also offers more hope in certain areas than we've seen in a long time.

Removed 29 April 2012, 5:15pm EDT:
6:30pm EDT,  25 April 2012 update:  I have been unable to update this page since 4/4, when my computer suffered a serious crash. About 2 hours ago, I was finally able to upload some changes with the help of a Geek Squad expert. Unfortunately, in double-checking the page a few minutes ago, I discovered that all my links on this page have been altered and no longer work! Hopefully, the expert will know how to fix this glitch tomorrow. For now, however, you should be able to pull up my pages if you mouse-over a link and copy only the last portion beginning with Just ignore all the weird "tsclient/C..." etc stuff that precedes it!

Removed 21 April 2012:
30 March 2012, 6:15pm: apologies for any confusion if you tried to reach this page and reached County Line Nurseries instead.  I created their website several years ago. Recently, they asked me to add several new pages without mentioning that a year or so ago they changed their domain name from .com to .net. They also changed passwords, etc. Not realizing this, I uploaded a revised home page for them several nights ago, but since all ftp-ing data had been changed, the nursery's home page defaulted to mythinglinks' parameters and overrode mythinglinks home page instead.  My thanks to Laurie in my Mythinglinks Facebook Group for sending me an urgent e-mail about the error!

P.S. Although County Line Nurseries is clueness when it comes to techno-geek things like websites, they're really terrific when it comes to their trees, plants, and highly creative landscaping. If you're in the Midwest and need beautiful, specialized services, they'll do right by you. [Also see my ad for them at the bottom of this page.]


Below is a link to Journey to Wild Divine -- a series of meditative, yet exciting, biofeedback-based video games.  Through my friend Jean Houston, who does beautiful voice-overs at the beginning of the first 2 games, I became the Mythology/Religion/Psychology consultant on game-2, "Wisdom Quest."  Note: I also wrote the novella/journal-style Companion Guide for the 2nd game.  The new owners are no longer offering the $10 PDF download of this Companion Guide but if you are interested in a copy, just contact me directly: jenks7ATfrontierDOTcom. I love the first two games and highly recommend them.  The third game, "Healing Rhythms," is a series of exquisite settings (taken from the first two games) in which to learn relaxation techniques from Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, heart-expert Dean Ornish, Joan Borysenko, and others. I just received my copy and look forward to exploring familiar landscapes in new, healing,  peaceful contexts.
20 April 2004: Below is the Spiritual Cinema Circle, started by Stephen (Deutsch) Simon, producer of Somewhere in Time and other films.  He attends film festivals all over the world and gets DVD rights to films most of us would never get to see otherwise.  I have been a loyal subscriber since their very first month (April 2004).  For costs, free trial, & gift subscriptions, click below (subscriptions help support Myth*ing Links).  If you join, you get a DVD with 3-5 films every month -- some are shorts, others are documentaries, there's always at least one feature length film.  Most are superb. I don't always agree with their choices but I really love that they're doing this.

21 December 2011, 2:30pm: My Winter Solstice Greetings and Lore page has now been updated for this year along with my Yuletide Around the World page. In addition, I have added a new page on Muharram, the first month of the Islamic year, which fell in December the past two years and began in late November this year.

Many blessings of the season to peoples of all spiritual traditions!

23 November 2011, 8:15pm: I never meant to do a Thanksgiving Day page for reasons outlined when I finally did one in 2008. I named the page "Why There Is No Thanksgiving Day Page on Myth*ing Links" -- which, of course, the moment I launched it, ironically gave the lie to that title <smile>. But I still like the title. Anyway, tonight I updated a few things. I hope you'll find this untraditional page of interest.

30 October 2011, 10:10pm EST:  My Halloween/Samhain page has now been updated for this year. Special blessings to all during this period when the veils between the worlds grow ever thinner and more mysterious. Day of the Dead has also been updated.

2:30pm, 19 September 2011: my Autumn Equinox page has now been updated for 2011.  Autumn begins in the Northern Hemisphere [spring in the Southern Hemisphere] this Friday, 23 September:  0905 UT, 5:05am EDT, 2:05am PDT.  Enjoy!

5 June 2011:  for my Karmic Noah's Ark Project, I just launched a page with an intriguing report about a Hummingbird's Life, as experienced and described by one of my volunteers.  I hope you'll enjoy it!  (Other currently available reports include an elephant, wild rabbit, and caterpillar/butterfly.  See the project page for links.)

3:15am, 31 July 2011: I saw on the news earlier this evening (7/30/11) that Egypt and Saudi Arabia have sighted the crescent moon, which means that Ramadhan for much of the Moslem world begins tonight at moonrise. I decided to separate Ramadhan from my general Islam page and give it a page of its own, which is now online. (Later, 7pm: I've now  added two new links and several photos.)  Warm wishes to my many Moslem friends around the world.

30 July 2011: last night I finished updating my Lammas/Lughnasadh page for the Wheel of the Year's annual August 1-2 celebration. Given the political climate in the USA and elsewhere, many of us may not feel much like celebrating but, on a deeper level, invoking those ancient, supportive, earth-based dimensions of sacred wisdom might be the best thing we can do.  Sending far-reaching Lammas blessings to all!

3 July 2011: I've completely reorganized my 4th of July page so that topics of interest will be easier to find. My own favorites are sections on the role of Native Americans, religion, and a collection of great quotes at the end.

16 June 2011: the Summer Solstice page has now been updated for this year. Enjoy!

28 April 2011, 4am EDT:  My May Day/ Beltane page has now been updated for this year -- also a companion page, one of my darkest, most powerful, and favorite essays: Through the Sacred Fires: The Animals of Beltane.

Holy Saturday Night, 23 April 2011, 10:50pm EDT: This past week I've been writing lyrics to a song, which isn't something I do very often.  It's now finished -- for those interested, here's the link to Mind Song: a Talisman in Dark Times(It's also listed below under Common Themes: StarLore.)

22 April 2011, 2:20am EDT: Today is Earth Day and my Earth Day page has been revised for the first time in 3 years.  Enjoy!

16 March 2011:  Spring Equinox begins 20 March 2011 -- my Springtide Greetings, Lore & Customs page has now been updated for this year.

17 February 2011:  For Black History Month, as well as all year, I highly recommend my 2009 page with excerpts from the writings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on a guaranteed annual wage.  In addition, I just launched a companion page: President Obama's 2011 Budget.  The pairing of these two men on financial issues is eerie and troubling.

31 January, 4pm: My Imbolc page (as well as several other February celebrations) has now been updated for tomorrow's festivities. My Lunar New Year's General Data page has now been updated with new art and 2 new links (on astrology, astronomy, and myths) for the beginning of the Lunar Rabbit Year on Thursday, 3 February.

22-23 January, 12:30am: The Rabbit in Art, Literature & Culture: East & West, my companion page to Chinese Lunar New Year of the Rabbit (see below), is now online. Enjoy!

16 January 2011: On February 3rd (but the 2nd in the USA and elsewhere, due to moonrise times), Chinese Lunar New Year begins.  This year we move from the Metal Yang Tiger to the Metal Yin Rabbit.  The Tiger page has been archived and the new Chinese Lunar New Year of the Rabbit is now online. A page on "The Rabbit in Art, Literature & Culture" is in the works but I still have much to do on it. It might take another week or two.

1 January 2011, 9pm: I just posted:A New Year's 2011 "Green World Oracle Reading for the Earth".  Also see my 22-23 December 2010 entry below.  Many blessings in this New Year!!

25 December 2010, 5:30pm EST: for those who have enjoyed my page on the Hestian archetype, I finally found time today to add a photo of the massive hearth in Pacifica's South Hall, which is where my encounter with Hestia began in 1995.  My thanks to Robyn Cass for the mysterious image she captured in September.

24 December 2010:  I have been updating my two major seasonal pages since December 6th and have finally finished them: Winter Greetings & Lore &Yuletide Around theWorld. For other related seasonal pages, see just below under my 2 website search engines for <<<Seasonal Links of Ongoing Relevance>>>.  Many blessings to all!

22-23 December 2010: I have never before offered my oracle readings to the general public, only to close friends and students, but tonight I am introducing the Green World Oracle page as a way of making my readings and Sandra Stanton's wonderful oracular art available to others in this holiday season. I hope you'll take a look.

15 December 2010: tonight I am launching a page on Jainism, a religion that emerged in India at about the same time as Buddhism. The Jain concept of ahimsa (non-violence) had a profound influence upon Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and many others.  This ancient spiritual tradition still has much to say to the modern world.

26 November 2010:  My first-ever Yuletide Pastlife "2-fer" Special -- give the gift of "Christmas Past" -- 2 sessions for the price of one (with a sliding scale ranging from $75-150). Don't miss this limited time special rate!  Note: this has been extended through Valentine's Day 2011 for pre-payment -- actual sessions can then be booked through April 1st.

21 November 2010: Two years ago I launched a page called:

This year I decided to add several exceptional links.  I wish everyone abundant blessings of the season.

17 November 2010: the Reincarnation portal page has been updated with a new photo, background, and text changes.  [Please note that payment plans can be arranged for those interested in a pastlife session.]

6 November 2010: I've updated all broken links on my Common Themes: Nature Spirits page.

30 & 31 October 2010Halloween/Samhain and Day of the Dead pages have now been updated with some new links added.  Also: revisions have been made to Perspectives on Exploring Past Lives  (and, thanks to an alert reader, annoying popup ads have now been removed from all my reincarnation pages -- apologies to anyone who has encountered them heretofore).

19 September 2010, 9pm-ish:  My Autumn Greetings & Lore page (good through November) has now been updated for 2010.  I wish each of you many blessings as autumn nears, bridging the sunny heat of summer with the austere wonder of winter.

12 August 2010, 11pm:  my 1993 Litany of the Burned Christ is now online.  I came across it recently and realized that its message is even more relevant today than in 1993.

30 July 2010, 3:40am:  The Lammas page has now been updated for this year's August 1st celebration.

25 July 2010:  As of 1 July 2010, my Reincarnation: Frequently Asked Questions page has been updated with new additions, revisions, etc. I hope you'll take a look.

7 July 2010:  I've been working on a Fourth of July/Founding Fathers page for nearly five months now, winnowing through a great deal of data that retains its relevance in our current world.  I'm a few days late but it's finally finished <smile>. This one's actually relevant all year long.

18 June 2010: my Summer Solstice page has now been updated for this year.  Solstice blessings!

31 May 2010: I just spent ten hours writing what turned out to be a brief page on Memorial Day which, like Mother's Day (below), dates back to the Civil War.

26 May 2010:  I am launching a new page about Julia Ward Howe, the Civil War, and Mother's Day (even though that was two weeks ago); the page is also relevant to Memorial Day on May 31st.  Further, today is the Fortinalia, the ancient Roman celebration of Sacred Wells.   There is an old medieval legend about an attack upon maidens guarding a sacred well.  One man saw what was happening and rushed in to protect the Well Maidens.  According to the legend, that humane and generous impulse is where knighthood originated -- not with battles and war, but with protecting a source of sacred water and the women who tended it.  So perhaps today is the most fitting day of all for launching this page.

29 April 2010: the Beltane/May Day page has now been updated for this year -- enjoy -- and many Beltane Blessings <smile>!

24 March 2010: I have continued expanding the Afghan pages over the past 2 weeks.  Page 2 now goes up only to the 18th century; a new page 3 continues with the 18th century and beyond (including much data on the spectacular Afghan gold and ivory art exhibition currently touring the world);  page 4 is now where you'll find the pre- and post-9/11 material that used to be on the opening page.

10 March 2010, 4:15pm: From my opening Afghanistan page, I moved the important but dismal material on pre- and post-9/11 to a page of its own.  The remaining historical, cultural data on the opening page is still intact, as is the additional and more in-depth continuation of that data on page 2. Same night, 10:45pm: the Spring Equinox page has now been updated for this year.

13 February 2010, 4:05am:  I just launched a new Common Themes page under "Minerals" on Gold -- it looks at gold in history, science, mythology, and the arts -- from ancient times right up to the gold in the medals for the 2010 Olympic Games. February 16, 2010, 4am: after launching this Gold page 3 days ago, I expanded it with still more links and art. It's now finally complete. February 17, 4:30am: in conjunction with the Gold page, I've now also expanded my page on Alchemy, Gnosticism, Hermetics, including the addition of a Books section.

30-31 January 2010, 2:15am: the updated Imbolc page for February 1-2 is now online.

29 January 2010, 9pm: the Lunar New Year related page (mentioned below in the 1/3/10 entry), The Tiger in Art, Literature & Culture, is now online. I hope you'll find it rich, absorbing, and informative.

3 January 2010, 11pm: although we have 6 weeks to go before Chinese New Year on February 14th, I've just completed the Year of the Metal White Tiger, for those who'd like a sneak-preview.  Since we're still in the Year of the Earth Ox (whose main page has now been archived), I've also expanded The Ox in Art, Literature, & Culture, which is now double-listed under "Common Themes: Animal Guides" as well as "Seasonal."  (Forthcoming is a new page on "The Tiger in Art, Literature, & Culture.")

19 December 2009, 9pm: Yuletide Around the World has now been updated for this year.  Have a happy, blessed Yuletide!

16 December 2009, 3pm (EST): after weeks of work, I have launched a new "Common Themes" page on Money, Wealth and Treasure. It begins with my "blog" on personal, societal, and mythic (Juno, Demeter, Persephone, Lady Bridget, dragons, Green Men) issues. It then moves to Folklore/Fairytales, starting with "Star Money" from the Brothers Grimm; 2 folktales from India; Hans Christian Andersen's "Money Box" and "Little Match Girl"; Russia's "Silver Hoof" and "Stone Flower"; a brief intro to my new "Rumpelstiltskin" page (it's now on its own still unfinished page because it got so long, veering into Norse/Teutonic myth, etc); and the "Wizard of Oz" (I had no idea that L. Frank Baum's work deliberately reflected so many of the socio-economic problems of his day -- many of them eerily akin to ours). Then comes Mythology, with Brahma's procreative "Golden Egg"; Zeus' shower of "procreative" gold (engendering Perseus, who would slay one of my favorite goddesses, Medusa); and other deities or mythic figures connected to money and treasure: Cernunnos, Hermes, Pushan, Charon, Midas,and others. The page ends with a brief look at the history of ancient money followed by links to books mentioned on the page.

The "Money/Wealth" page is one of the longest, most complex pages I've ever done. Why? -- because the presence (or absence) of wealth intersects with so many vital areas in our lives -- and always has, as ancient mythology, folklore, and history show so well.  For the first time in my 11 years of webbing (and Myth*ing Links has over 200 pages), this page unexpectedly started spawning additional pages, "hive-ing off" from the original page as each grew too long. The first of these is an "attachment" with a series of strong, provocative, beautifully reasoned passages from Martin Luther King, Jr. on the crucial need for a guaranteed annual income pegged to the median, not the poverty level. The implications are huge.  The next spin-off is Rumpelstiltskin. Then comes Charon, the ancient Greek deity who demanded a coin from each soul he ferried across the river of the dead.  The last spin-off is an addition to the already-existing Rituals of Death & Dying page (probably one of the most visually beautiful of all my pages); the addition comes from a website that looks at Charon, Psyche & Mystery Religions, and the unexpected and touching practice of using a leaf or even 3 blades of grass as viaticum for the dead.

Finally, an update on November 29th's "Lot Watering the Tree of Life" addition to my Crones & Sages page -- I got more enthusiastic feedback on that piece than I've gotten on any other page in years! In case you missed it, you might wish to take a look.

12 December 2009, 11:45pm: I've completed a new opening essay and updated the links for my 2009 Winter Greetings & Lore page. I hope you'll enjoy it. [Note: the "Yuletide Around the World" page should be finished in a week or so.]

29 November 2009: my launch of the Crones and Sages page (below) was wildly premature. My good friend -- mythologist and minister,  Rev. Rebecca Armstrong -- sent me a huge, fabulous version of a tiny image I had put on that page in 1999. I resized the new one and planned to spend no more than an hour or two adding excerpts from an Anglican site about the ikon's story and making some minimal comments of my own. I had no idea I would be so gripped by the material.  Seventeen intense days later, the page is done.  Along the way, I also spent a few hours expanding a few other sections from the 1999 page, including the amazing, wise "Birthing the Crone" artwork of Helen Redman:  some of her most recent paintings include her hands and leaves -- I found especially moving what she paints (and writes) about the beauty of our aging hands, comparing them to autumn leaves.  There is still one final new section at the very end, to which I have invited a male colleague to contribute, but it might take a few weeks. If/when, I'll announce its completion here.  Meanwhile, I hope you'll find the lengthy Lot/Tree material as engrossing as I did.

12 November 2009: a promising but sorely inadequate image (incorrectly titled "Sage Watering the Tree of Life") on my Common Themes: Crones and Sages page has now turned up in a far superior version. The unnamed "sage" turns out to be Lot and the tree is the Tree of Life.  I have added explanatory excerpts and comments to the page.

29 October 2009, pre-dawn: my Halloween/Samain page has now been updated for this year.  Same day, 9:30pm: the Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos page has now been updated as well.

20 October 2009: on the 16th I updated my page: Gender Issues: Why Women Can't Sleep.  I mentioned 10 books in that December 2008 essay, but never provided links to them.  Now I've finally added a new "Books" section at the end so that it'll be easier to find the references (they're now also in the main Bookstore).

16 September 2009: The Autumn Greetings and Lore page has now been updated for 2009 with a new opening essay and art. It covers various celebrations through November and I hope you'll enjoy it.  I'm also announcing (see above) a limited time offer of 1/3rd off on past life regressions from 22 September through 22 November 2009.

11 September 2009: My Shamanism page, untouched since I put a single link on it in 1998, has now been greatly expanded with more links, artwork, and books (including my comments onThe Soul of Shamanism by my late colleague, Dan Noel).

.20 July 2009: there is now a companion bookstore page (see directly below) -- the Unshelved Annex -- where special books not yet on other Myth*ing Links pages will be found.

.18 July 2009, 11:30pm: I am officially launching the Myth*ing Links Bookstore tonight.  I have many recommended book links scattered all over my pages, where they'll continue to remain. The Bookstore, however, will eventually have all of them collected together in one place with their original Myth*ing Links' pages noted in case you wish more info and context. Note: pages whose books are now available in the Bookstore will be marked on the site map below with this symbol: .  If you scroll upwards, you'll find updates noted above my opening Pegasus image.

24 June 2009, 4pm EDT: even before I had finished my new Fireflies page (see below), I had already started what I thought would be a brief, quick page on Bees in the World and in Mythology. I was wrong. Three intense weeks of total immersion later, it's finally complete. The page looks at bees in science, amber,  beekeeping, mythology, folklore, literature, ancient history, stars, mead, and even "dumbledore," which is a type of bee (as well as a wizard's name). I hope you'll enjoy exploring this new page over these warm, sunny summer days.

9 June 2009: the new Fireflies in the World and in Mythology page is now complete (see directly below) and I have updated times and dates for the Summer Solstice page.

25 May 2009, 7:30pm EDT: I just launched a new page on Insects in the World and in Mythology.  In addition, I have launched a related work-in-progress page on Fireflies because of its time-sensitive links to the Boston Museum of Science's Firefly Watch (for which I hope many of you will consider being volunteer "Citizen-Scientists," just as I am, as of last summer).

30 April 2009, 11pm EDT: The Beltane page has now been updated for this year. For myself this year, I first read through all my annotations, got inspired by the ideas and images, and finally went outside into a misty, damp twilight for two simple rituals involving birch twigs and a rowan-circle (I have several of both trees growing here).  I'll do a third ritual, the ribbon one (which I used to do with my Pacifica students), later tonight. The page was easy to update this year as all the links still work (that's never happened before). I added one new one -- a lovely essay on Beltane/Samhain by Australian scholar, Glenys Livingstone. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

23 April 2009:Troubled by on-going attempts to remove wolves from the Endangered Species list, I decided to create a new webpage for my Common Themes: Animals section on The Wolf. I look at scientific evidence for their importance in food-webs (or "trophic cascades") as well as the wolf's role in psychology and lore (both in the Old World and the New World).

8 April 2009:  Note: the Spring Equinox/Springtide page includes links to Holy Week, Passover (at sundown tonight), and Easter. May the season be peaceful and joyous for all.

7 March 2009, 3:20am: The snow, at least for now, has stopped in my corner of the world. We had temperatures in the single digits 3-4 days ago but close to 60-degrees today. A few clumps of snow remain but most are gone. This weekend we expect heavy rain and 50-degree temperatures. Nevertheless, more snowstorms are likely this March and April and spring still seems far away. I am told that in this part of Michigan, August is the only month in which we have never had any snow. Regardless, anticipating spring (even though my Christmas tree is still up, since my chilly house keeps it fragrant and green and I am cheered by its presence), I have updated the dates and times for Spring Equinox/Springtide tonight.

22 February 2009, 1:22 am: on this snowy night in SW Michigan, I am beginning a new venture. At a time when the real world hovers close to a nightmare reality for so many, dreams are still left to guide and sustain us through the daily journey of life. After nearly 50 years of exploring my own dream-process as well as helping friends and students with theirs, I have decided to offer my services on a broader basis as a Dream Consultant/Coach. Please see the link for further details.

31 January 2009, 11:30pm: the updated Imbolc/Candlemas page is now online.

25 January 2009, 9:50pm: this afternoon I returned to my Lunar New Year pages and grokked more of the loose ends I'd left this morning. I also took much of the art I found yesterday and gave it its own page: A Gallery of Art Related to the Ox, East & West. It too has some ungrokked links but I added a few notes so that you would know what's in each one of them. Tomorrow approaches soon -- Gung Hay Fat Choy!

25 January 2009, 9am: I've been up for nearly 24 hours straight and there are still some loose ends but the Year of the Ox, which begins tomorrow, is now online (with many ungrokked links at the bottom). All the Lunar New Year General Data that used to be on that page now has its own page (with more ungrokked links at the end). Enjoy! -- this is a year that holds much promise!

11 January 2009 (also see 12/20-21/08 entry below): due to its growing length, there are now two pages for my new Gender Issues / Women:
Gender Issues:Women -- "Why Women Can't Sleep" -- Introductory Essay:
and Gender Issues:Women -- Annotated Links and Excerpts

25 December 2008, Christmas Day, 5pm: I got permission from poet, Elizabeth Cunningham, a few hours ago to add her brief, lovely "Joy 'ku" at the end of my opening essay on the Winter Greetings and Lore page. I just finished doing this, as well as making further revisions to the essay itself, which have strengthened it. So the page is finally complete.

FYI: Winter Solstice and Christmas aren't the only celebrations my page covers.  Still remaining are Kwanzaa (December 26 - January 1); Pueblo Turtle Dance (December 26th, also data on other sacred winter Pueblo dances); New Year's Day worldwide celebrations; the Feastday of Brazil's sea-goddess Yemaya (January 1); Epiphany (January 6); Christ's Baptism (January 7, which is Christmas Day in Russia, since they follow the old calendar); there is also a closing section of annotated links on coping with "Holiday Blues."

24 December 2008, 11:45pm, Christmas Eve: I have now updated any broken links from my Winter Greetings and Lore page as well as my Yuletide Around theWorld page. Merry Christmas!

20-21 December 2008, 2:45am: Tonight is the eve of Solstice -- it is also Modresnach ("Mother Night") among the Norse, a time for prophetic dreams. This makes it a doubly fitting night to launch a new Common Themes page, Gender Issues: Women. My opening essay looks at why women can't sleep, labyrinths, Ariadne, and Hero/Heroine Journeys. The following section of annotated links explores the relationship of women to major contemporary issues such as food scarcity, foreclosures, national security, creativity, education, "illegals," and prisons. I have spent nearly three weeks on this page (much more than I ever expected) because I feel such a personal involvement with these issues. I hope you will also find it of value.

10 December 2008, 2:15am: my Winter Greetings and Lore page, with new opening art, essay, and updated seasonal dates/times, is now online (last year's page has now been archived, but is still accessible through this new page). Seasonal links are still in the process of being updated with the patient help of Michaela, my "Links-Elf," but most remain viable.

9 December 2008: I have added a new report to my Environmental Corner page. Here is the opening excerpt, which will give you a sense of how significant and forward-looking it is:
Reuters - The worst financial crisis since the 1930s may be a chance to put price tags on nature in a radical economic rethink to protect everything from coral reefs to rainforests, environmental experts say. Farmers know the value of land from the amount of crops they can produce but large parts of the natural world - such as wetlands that purify water, oceans that produce fish or trees that soak up greenhouse gases - are usually viewed as "free." "Most of our valuable assets are not on the books," said Robert Costanza, professor of ecological economics at the University of Vermont. "We need to reinvent economics. The financial crisis is an opportunity...."
6 December 2008: a month ago I wrote an explanation for this "NEW" section about why there's no Myth*ing Links-style Thanksgiving Day page. Since America's Thanksgiving Day has now passed, I decided to shift that little essay to a brief page of its own (also linked below under my seasonal pages so it won't get lost). I suppose that means I now do have a page on Thanksgiving, even though it's really explaining why there is no such page <smile>.

12 November 2008: a new book by my former colleagues at Pacifica, Mary Watkins and Helene Shulman,  Toward Psychologies of Liberation, has just been published. Please check their Myth*ing Links pages for further information: Individuation, Seeing-through, and Liberation:  Depth Psychology and Colonialismor:Silenced Knowings, Forgotten Springs: Paths to Healing in the Wake of Colonialism. Congratulations, Helene and Mary!!
30 October 2008: the Halloween/Samhain page has now been updated.

20 September 2008: the Autumnwas updated a few days ago for 2008. Also, I just launched an About Me page to replace the waaay too-long passage with which this home page used to open.

12 June 2008: my Subbing/Grubbing blog, begun in mid-late January and then neglected until recently, is now up and running again. [6 December 2008: unfortunately, I haven't had  time to keep it up as I had planned.  I'll announce updates here as they occur.]


29 April 2008: the Beltane/May Day page was updated last week -- and new links added.

9 March 2008: my Spring Greetings & Lore page has now been updated. It opens with Lauren Raine's fierce, compassionate "The Curse of the Morrigan." Don't miss her work -- it's awesome.

1-2 February, 4am: my Imbolc page has now been updated, also my Green Man page (with a new sponsored link at the bottom to a British site offering wonderfully unique Green Men).

24 January 2008, 2:33am: as of a few days ago, and with many mixed feelings, I now have a blog. It's called "Subbing / Grubbing" and is about my experiences in substitute teaching in today's world of peculiar educational standards. Please feel free to leave comments, although I will probably not have time to respond. But I hope others will, and a fine dialogue might ensue.

1 January 2008, 1:05am: I have just launched a new page on the Greek goddess of fire and hearth, Hestia (Roman, Vesta) -- I began it in early May and finally completed it earlier this evening. Still on the fire theme, due to very positive feedback on my Presence Lamp Essay for this year's Solstice/Yule/Christmas page, I have given the essay its own fast-loading page in my Crone Papers section. Finally, many blessings to all of you in this New Year!

22 December 2007, 8:24 pm: my Winter Solstice/Yuletide/Christmas pages still have broken links that have vanished into cyberspace over the past 12 months -- with apologies, I may not have time to update them this year. After many hours of work, however, my annual essay is now online (with thanks to my Links-Elf, Michaela, for her sensitive feedback). I hope it will touch you in a special way.

18 December 2007, 11:55 pm:  I'm late with this year's Winter Solstice/Yuletide/Christmas pages (see above), which are still in progress (although dates and times for winter solstice, etc have been updated).  But I'm early with the next Lunar New Year, the Earth Rat Year, starting 7 February 2008, the beginning of a new 12 year cycle.

8 December 2007, 6 pm: In my Asian/India section, I have now added Vak and the Churning of the Ocean, my re-telling of a core Hindu myth about the origins of Indic sacred theatre. This is for the drama students in one of the schools where I have recently subbed (updated 12 June 2008).

21 November 2007: I just launched a short page of Anti-War Quotes in my Common Themes section.

28 October 2007, 3:52 am:  links on my Samhain/Halloween and Day of the Dead pages have now been updated for this year.

13 October 2007, 3:45 am: nearly a decade ago I was hired by Russian Sunbirds, an importer of lovely lacquer boxes, to re-tell the Russian folktale of The Stone Flower, a longtime favorite of mine ever since I saw Ptushko's 1946 "Stone Flower" film as a child in a small art gallery in Muskegon, Michigan.  Since Russian Sunbirds has now disappeared from the web, I have decided to rescue my re-telling of this tale. In doing so, I  have added new art to this marvelous tale of human love in the midst of devic/divine intervention. /// Tonight, I have also added a page taken from the New York Times on China and Tibetan Reincarnation.

25 August 2007, 1:30 pm:  My 2007 Autumn Equinox page is now online. Also, the Old Europe / Marija Gimbutas page has been updated and greatly expanded (including adding a section on "Bark People" and the slaying of a beloved tree). New material has also been added to my Bulgaria Part II page.

26 July 2007, 10:45 pm: I have launched a new section tonight and shifted all my Factory Farming / Industrial Agriculture pages, plus environmentally-focused (non-mythic) pages (formerly in Common Themes), to this new section: The Environmental Corner. Hopefully, this will make it easier and faster for readers to access this material. See below, between Current Events and Crone Papers sections, for the permanent placement of this new section.

22 June 2007, 4:20 am: tonight I am launching a new page, Rituals of Marriage. I had hoped to complete it earlier this month, since June is the traditional month of weddings, but my life has simply been too hectic. I still have 4 links yet to grok, but most of this page is now complete. I hope you will enjoy it.

20 June 2007, 12:40 pm: I'm very late this year but my updated Summer Solstice page has finally been launched.

19 April 2007, 9:55pm: for the many chocolate lovers out there, all the broken links on my page,LATIN AMERICA: THE LORE & HISTORY OF CHOCOLATE  have now been updated. In my Common Themes: Animal Guides section, I am launching another science page from Stanley Cooper, a companion to the one on food-pathogens that I introduced on 6-7 March 2007. This time it's Behind the Odors From Factory Farms: What the Nose Doesn't Know. If you live near one of these huge farms filled with confined animals, you'll know what I mean. If you don't, your food supply, air, and water are still being seriously impacted.

17 March 2007, 1:50am: my newly revised Spring Equinox page is now online with a new essay and updated times, dates, & links. And yes, it's finally stopped snowing (see directly below), at least in SW Michigan <smile>. Wee buds are just barely visible on my pear, rowan, & other trees. Bulbs too are emerging. Spring blessings!

6-7 March 2007: I'm launching a new page tonight in the midst of yet more snow in SW Michigan (it really hasn't stopped for more than a day or two since mid-January). This page in my Common Themes: Animal Guides section looks at detailed, stunning scientific evidence concerning the pathogens in our food. I have named it: How & Why Are Pathogens Getting Into Our Food Supply: Cherchez la merde!..The page is a sobering collection of annotated links from Stanley Cooper, a man trained as a scientist and engineer. If you're wondering why spinach, peanut butter, lettuce, meat, and so many more foods are now being contaminated, you don't want to miss this new page.  Why would a mythologist like me care about pathogens in food (aside from the fact that I eat food like everyone else)? Isn't that the business of biologists, molecular chemists, and other such scientists? Yes, of course it is. My work is more focused on deities and demons from around the world. Yet when I look at the impact on our lives of manure-spawned bacteria from inhumanely-raised livestock, at the "demonic" corporate greed that fosters such practices, and at the passionate environmentalists trying to open our eyes to the dangers, the boundaries blur between the denizens of science and the denizens of myth. So this topic turns out to be very much my own turf and I am proud and grateful to be able to present Cooper's work. I hope you'll visit this page and explore the serious implications.

31 January 2007: The Asian Lunar New page for the Year of the Fire Pig (starting 18 February 2007) is now online at:
February 14, 2007: mid-afternoon today, I added the following announcement about this page (which got nearly 47,000 hits on last year's Lunar New Year):

Due to heavy traffic last year, this year the page will be on hiatus from mid-2/17 to mid-2/19 -- I just can't afford the extra gigs for that 48 hour period. My apologies for any inconvenience.
Barely an hour later I received an e-mail from a very gracious benefactor at JetCityOrange offering to cover the excess charges. So the page will stay up! My warmest thanks to Jerry Whiting.

25 January 2007: the Imbolc/Candlemas page for February 1-2, 2007 has now been updated. The Greek/Pan page has a new section on Debussy's "Afternoon of a Faun" ballet.

15 January 2007, 4:15am: I just launched two new pages, both under Common Themes: "Animals."  One is Pigs in History, Religion, Culture, and Art. The other is Firebird/Phoenix, a page I actually started two weeks after 9/11, but never completed.  I forgot it for over five years. I rediscovered it only a few weeks ago and finally completed it. I have also updated my shaman-friend Kate's page with her new 2007 schedule of classes in Sedona, AZ -- her first class begins later this month.

Christmas Eve 2006: the regional-focus page, Yuletide Around the World, only had a few broken links but all are now updated. 10 December 2006: I have two new pages to announce tonight in addition to my updated 2006-2007 Winter Greetings & Lore. One new page is Wintery Shamanism -- it looks at "Cold" as a person, a spirit, a deva, a presence, but growing more vulnerable because of climate changes. The other new page is Kore / Persephone in my Ancient Greece section. I hope you'll enjoy these <smile>.

6 November 2006, 3:35am: After 4 years, I've finally finished adding my notes and comments on James Hillman's The Terrible Love of War conference in Santa Barbara, November 2002. Many issues raised by him in 2002 are even more relevant today.

11 October 2006, 3:30am: I just launched a new and somber page for the October 12th American seasonal holiday: Columbus Day.

25-26 September 2006: the Halloween/Samhain and Dia de los Muertos pages have now been updated for this year.

27 August 2006: I have added a new topic to my Common Themes, East & West section: Reincarnation. Its essay-series looks at the concept, theories, history, personal experiences, and my own work for the past thirty-some years as a pastlife regression facilitator.

24-25 August 2006: The 2006 Autumn Equinox page is now updated with a new essay and art. It covers through the Thanksgiving season (but with separate pages for Halloween and El Dia de los Muertos).

28 July 2006, 1:30am: I have just added a new page: My Personal Friends: Recommended Links to Healers, Writers, & Artists. I hope you'll check this out.
19 June 2006: the Summer Solstice page has now been updated with a new opening essay and art.
I have also updated the Grail page.

21 March 2006: My Springtide page explores many celebrations in addition to Spring Equinox. I have also just completed a page on Judaism -- it includes links to Passover and Haggadah texts.

18 January 2006: the New Moon on January 29th will usher in the Year of the Dog. My Lunar New Year page has now been updated. Also, six years after I "rescued" it, illustrations have finally turned up for The Archetype of the Magician: by John Granrose, Ph.D. (also listed below under Common Themes: Tricksters).

16-17 December 2005, 12:25am:  I'm running very late because I put so many things on hold to complete the Wild Divine's "Companion Guide" (see above).  However, I have finally updated my Winter Greetings & Lore page, plus my Yuletide Around the World and Mythic Shopping pages.  Enjoy!

27 September 2005: back in February, I created a new subsection under Common Themes / Animal Guides on the madness of "factory" farming.  There are now more than a dozen (mostly brief) pages in that section, too many to include here.  So I've just added an INDEX for Factory Farms / Industrial Agriculture Pages for those who wish to explore further.

16 September 2005: the updated Autumn Greetings & Lore 2005 page is now online.

31 August 2005 / 1 September 2005: for the past intense month, I have been working on African pages for the first time since I launched this website in 1998.  They are tragedy-driven because of the famine in Niger, and yet I found much in creating these pages that gives reason for hope: strong, creative people live in West Africa -- and always have.  But current American and former colonial powers need the will and common sense to address the damage they have done to these peoples, these lands, in the name of "progress," which is to say, greed.  Wealthy Middle Eastern countries owe them a debt as well.  Here are the 4 new pages: Niger I: the Country; Niger II: Famine 2005; Songhay People of Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, & Nigeria; and Hausa People of Niger and Nigeria & Fulani People of Mali and Niger.

1 August 2005: today's Lammas page is now updated.

10 May 2005: My CRONE PAPERS section (see below) now has a new subsection: Notes on Books & Video Games. So far, there are only two entries but more will follow, time permitting.  Please see above (under my personal announcements) for further information on the Wild Divine video game or click here for my review of it: The Journey to Wild Divine.

20 March 2005:  the Springtide 2005 page went up a week ago but I didn't finish updating a handful of broken links until today.  It's now finished -- enjoy the season <smile>.

20 February 2005:  After I moved to Michigan from S. California nearly two years ago, I was horrified to learn that an industrial dairy "farm" was being built barely three miles from town.  I became part of a local group of concerned citizens and created a webpage to inform people of the risks.  I kept the page private, only for local residents.  But as the wealthy farm owners' glib promises to be faithful stewards of the land fell apart within weeks of their arrival, and E. coli readings in our field-tiles, ditches, and streams soared, I've decided to go public with that page and to add others as well (some are reprints of news items and will only be found linked to the first two pages below).  Industrial agriculture threatens much, much more than a few rural communities, as many respected experts on human health, economics, and environmental issues have been warning for years.  The food many of you eat comes from these "farms" -- you deserve to know the dangers and terrible costs of a blight that can turn whole regions into ghost towns (see what's happened to Iowa at the second link below) and threatens this nation unless we can convince our legislators to stop pandering to the wealthy and to protect the rest of us.  Here are the new pages:
Industrial Agriculture: Local Michigan Edition
Industrial Agriculture: National / International Edition
and finally, a marvelous, hopeful syllabus from a philosophy professor at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI:
SYLLABUS: Peaceable Kingdom: Transforming Our Relationships with Animals
Note: these pages will also be found in my COMMON THEMES: Animal Guides section along with other relevant, more mythically-focused pages.

30 January 2005:  seasonal regulars will already have discovered this but, for all others, my Imbolc/Candlemas page has now been updated & expanded for this year's February 1-2.

22 January 2005: my updated Lunar New Year page is now online -- since February 8-9, 2005 marks the beginning of the Wood Rooster year, the page has new art and a number of new links.

11 December 2004:  In ancient Greece, tonight's New Moon would have marked the beginning of a month devoted to Poseidon, the god of oceans, rivers, lakes, and springs.   Of all the sites I've been grokking for Myth*ing Links since the spring of 1998, the one with the most stunning implications is that of Masaru Emoto's work on water -- links are included on my Common Themes / Four Elements: Water: Sacrality & Lore.  Appropriately for Poseidon's month, I have now updated the April 2001 version of that page.  Note: there's now a DVD of Emoto's photographs and also a just-published Water Crystal Oracle.

3 December 2004, 1:55am: My updated 2004 Winter Greetings page is now officially launched with a new essay and art for this year plus new subsections for Faunus, Poseidon, Las Posadas, and Yemaya, all of whose celebrations fall during this Yuletide season.  My Yuletide Around the World page has also been updated.

21 August 2004, 9:26pm: My 2004 Autumn Greetings and Lore page is now online with a new essay, art, and additional links.  When I began this seasonal page in 1999, its focus was on the autumnal equinox -- many of the page's links still reflect that focus.  But over the past five years I have added so many other autumn harvest festivals (e.g., Greek, Slavic, Japanese, Native American, Thanksgiving, etc) that I realized tonight that the page has really become about the season of autumn as a whole.  I hope you'll enjoy the links related to this larger perspective as well as those focused on the equinox. (Note: separate pages still exist for October's Halloween and November's Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.)

17-18 June 2004, 12:58am:  The updated 2004 Summer Solstice page is now online with a new mini-essay and art focused on Athena, her olive tree, and her lost music..

15 May 2004, 1am:  In addition to Diamonds (see below), the new Mineral section (also see below) now has a second page: Malachite.  Since my favorite fairy tale, Russia's "Stone Flower," is about malachite, creating this page has been a special pleasure.

8 May 2004:  The new opening "portal" page on Minerals, mentioned below, is now officially online.  It's still a work-in-progress but already has many annotated links and images.  Since it may be awhile before I have time to grok the last 17 links, I've decided to launch it "as is."

30 April 2004, 2am:  My Beltane page is now updated with new links.  I have also written a new essay, Through the Sacred Fires: the Animals of Beltane -- this lengthy essay contrasts the honor once given animals with the factory farming practices of today; the myth of Cadmus and a cow is explored as well as a Romanian variant of Cinderella in which a kindly cow replaces the Fairy godmother.  I have also been working the past month on a new series about minerals.  So far, only Diamonds is online but others will soon follow.

20 April 2004: it will be Earth Day again in two days and I have updated my page.  A single day to honor earth, her creatures, and her natural resources is not enough, of course, especially given the relentless attacks of the current administration upon the environment.  Let's all try to do something sane and caring on the 22nd.

18 March 2004: the recently discovered 10th planet has been named for the Inuit Arctic sea-goddess, Sedna, a very hopeful sign.  I've created a new webpage exploring the science as well as the mythology connected to Sedna.

14 March 2004:  I'm a little late this year but my new Springtide Greetings & Lore page for 2004 is finally on line with a new essay, much new art, and a new section on Persian New Year.

30 January 2004: in my on-going series on Greek and Roman deities, I have just launched a new graphics-rich page on one of my favorites, Poseidon / Neptune.  It looks at the Sea-god's myths, attributes, loves, and depictions in art.  It also includes a section on the science of the planet Neptune as well as a fascinating astrological link to "Neptune in Aquarius" (which is where it will remain until 2011-2012).

22 January 2004, 10:22pm: the past two weeks I have spent a good deal of time putting together three pages on leylines and Nuremberg.  The first, The Leylines of Nuremberg, looks at Hitler's occult use of three major leylines (Grail, Siegfried, & Destiny) converging in Nuremberg.  The second is a report on a Pastlife Regression Session that looks at the medieval and current condition of those lines.  The third, The Norns of Norn Mountain (Nuremberg), offers background information on the Norns plus a brief picture essay on Nuremberg.  I hope you'll take a look -- the implications are profound and the material, as one reader writes, is "spellbinding."

20 January 2004, 9:45pm:  the Lunar New Year page for 2004 has now been updated with many new links.  The Year of the Monkey begins tomorrow (21 January) in Asia and Thursday (22 January) in the United States.  It ends in early 2005.

24 November 2003, 2:21am: my Yuletide/Winter 2003-2004 page has been updated with a new essay and links for this year.  The Mythic Shopping page of my favorite "picks" has new links -- plus I've finally added photos of items I discuss.  My long-neglected Icelandic, Nordic, and Teutonic Traditions has been greatly expanded and more is yet to come.

22 October 2003, 3:22pm:  Pages recently updated and expanded: El Dia de los Muertos; Green Men; Celtic Traditions; and Fairy Tales & Folk Lore.

15 October 2003, 2:35pm:  In addition to my essay, Perspectives on Exploring Past Lives, I have now added a Frequently Asked Questions page on the topic of reincarnation.

3 October 2003, 7:40pm:  I have finally redesigned and updated my Celtic Traditions page for the first time since it was launched with the rest of this site 5 years ago.  There are new images and a large number of new links.

25 September 2003, 4:35pm:  Since many of you keep asking about my workshops (now that I'm "retired"), I'm happy to announce a workshop I'm doing in St. Joseph, Michigan on 20 December 2003 called Damaged Voice: Healing the Silencing of the Feminine -- it will include slide presentations on Medusa as well as the Hindu goddess, Vak.  Please click on the title for further details.

6 September 2003, 9:38pm (EDT): my newly revised Autumn Equinox page for 2003 is now online.  Instead of my usual opening essay, I am debuting the work of an extraordinary poet, Marian W. Love.  Don't miss this one.

26 August 2003, 2am: in recognition of the planet Mars' "close encounter" with Earth on 27 August 2003, I just launched a special Myth*ing Links page -- a Newsletter reprint by astrologer Melissa Stratton on Mars in Astrology, Mythology, and Science.  Her astrological insights are rich and deep, her myth section is taken from a private e-mail I sent her, and her science reprints and links are first rate.

13 June 2003, 3:45am: If you've been wondering why there's been so little activity on my website the past few months, my newly revised Summer Solstice page will explain.  It also offers wonderful new art and updated links for the season.

6 March 2003, 4:55am: The Springtide/Spring Equinox page has now been updated for this year.  As usual, the page keeps the same URL as previous years.  (Last year's page has now been archived with a new URL.)

26 February 2003, 2:30pm:  In a time of growing war anxiety, a friend e-mailed me an essay by internationally recognized Dr. Christiane Northrup earlier today.  It rang so clearly, gently, and wisely that I decided to create a special webpage for it in my Common Themes, East & West section.  The message is timeless. That it should be heard right now may be profound "spirit-medicine" for all of us:
Peace / War / HealthUpdate -- 7 March:  At the request of her organization, I have removed Northrup's text from my site.  She feels that protecting her words is more important than having people read them.  I find that such an attitude vitiates the sincerity of her message.

30 January 2003, 5pm: This year, Lunar New Year (see entry for 12 January, below) coincides with the ancient celebration of Imbolc/Candlemas on February 1-2.  I just finished annotating 14 new links on Brighid, various Imbolc rituals, and much seasonal lore connected not only with Ireland but also with cross-cultural celebrations held elsewhere at this time of the year.  I hope you'll enjoy exploring these.

23 January 2003, 1:15pm: as an adjunct to my current Pacifica Graduate Institute course, "Egyptian and Near Eastern Sacred Traditions," I am re-designing (and updating broken links) in my Egyptian section (under Africa); those already completed are indicated with an  sign.  [Note: as of 2/16/03, this section is now complete.]

16 January 2003, 2:40am: I have launched a new page tonight, this one devoted to Rabi'a al-'Adawiyya, an 8th century Islamic woman-saint from Iraq.  Her values and teachings are especially relevant today as warclouds loom closer.  There is also now a separate page on Christianity, its links transferred from the 3 Desert-Born Monotheisms page.

12 January 2003: My Lunar New Year page is now updated for February 1, 2003 -- on that date we begin the Year of the Water Goat.

12 December 2002, 11:21pm:  In addition to my Winter Greetings & Lore page, launched 11/1/02, I have now updated my page for Yuletide Around the World as well as my Mythic Shopping page.

13 November 2002, 11:58pm: tonight, Myth*ing Links, which I first launched Friday, 13 November 1998 just before midnight, begins its fifth year on the web.  Each year since 1998 I have celebrated this anniversary by launching a special page.  Unfortunately, this year has been especially hectic and even though I started my celebratory page over two months ago, it's still a work-in-progress.  Nevertheless, there's enough here to warrant launching it "officially": it's in my Indigenous Peoples category -- Native Americans of the Southwest.  I hope you'll enjoy exploring its grokked as well as its ungrokked links.  And I thank my many visitors for your continuing loyalty to this mythic site.

1 November 2002, 2:40am:  In many Old World traditions, winter begins sometime between late October to early November -- that's why Winter Solstice/Yule is called "Midwinter" (despite the fact that many of us think winter doesn't begin until 12/21-22).  In light of this, I'm launching my 2002-2003 Winter Greetings & Lore page tonight, beginning with a handful of important November links, including Ramadan (which begins around November 6th or 7th, depending upon moon-sightings).  I hope you'll enjoy browsing this lengthy, graphics-rich page.

24 October 2002, 1:30am: my Halloween/Samhain page has now been updated for this year.

28 August 2002, 2:45am:  As 9/11 nears, like many, I'm increasingly concerned about the inflammatory rhetoric of nationalism and war coming out of certain quarters in Washington.  Last year's tragedies should not be milked to inflict new tragedies on other innocents.  That is the theme of my just-published Autumn Greetings & Lore page for 2002.  My opening essay looks at Bush, Iraq, and the role of Ares, Hebe, and the mortal physician, Paian, in Greek mythology.  (Note: some internet service providers -- e.g., AOL -- use cached pages to save load times; since this year's URL is the same as last year's [which has now been archived under a different URL], you may need to hit your "Reload" button in order to access it.)

2 August 2002, 1:15pm:  Related to my new Iraq page (see directly below), Kathy Robles also sent me her powerful, haunting poem, Lilith Remembered, about the ancient Near Eastern goddess' anger and compassion.  I was deeply moved by it and, with her permission, have created a page for it.

28 July 2002, 3:02pm:  For months I have been deeply concerned over what we are not being told by Washington about plans to attack Iraq.  Four days ago a friend, Kathy Robles, sent me two chilling links involving massive deceptions on this issue and  I felt a growing urgency to create a new webpage -- it's still a work-in-progress but I wish to launch it as soon as possible: The Near East: Iraq.  Please don't miss this one -- time could be short. [Note: also check the re-designed Current Events page for other news updates on this issue.]

26 July 2002, 11:40pm: A wise, evocative essay, Who is the Green Man?, by my colleague, Dr. Dan Noel, is now re-printed on a new Myth*ing Links page.  It's fairly short, illustrated, and well worth enjoying.  It's listed under Common Themes: East & West -- Green Men.

25 July 2002, 12:50am: My updated and newly expanded page for the seasonal celebration of Lammas(August 1-2) is now complete.  ////  As the "dog days" of summer near, if you're tired of summer re-runs, you might want to buy some videos of recently discovered Russian films, beautifully translated/subtitled by my friend Leah Hertz.  The films are at Portable Festivals -- my favorite is The Soloist, about a middle aged woman trying to find her "voice" in a world of Russian folk music, failed romances, and ancient Slavic magic spells.

23 June 2002, Sunday, 11 am: after weeks of work in rare moments of free time, I am launching a new section, CRONE PAPERS: A Collection of Essays & Other WritingsThe collection comes from my various page-introductions scattered throughout Myth*ing Links.  There are currently 13 pieces in the collection with more to be added as time permits.  Gathering them in one convenient place will make them more accessible to the many readers who have asked me to do this.

21 May 2002, 2am: I have just put my Summer Solstice 2002 page online.  It opens with a unique combination of ancient Egypt, thanks to artist Sandra Stanton, and monotheism, thanks to Rev. Charles Henderson, a Princeton-trained Presbyterian minister. This page has taken many hours of work, and yet, in a way, it "created" itself with grace and ease.

28 April 2002, Sunday, 1:45am: My May Day/Beltane page is now newly updated and reorganized for 2002.  Perhaps we all need to dance and feel the Maypole's joyous exuberance during these painful, difficult times.

22 April 2002, 6:55am, PDT, Earth Day:  I have created a new page called Current Events.  [See below for more details.]

7-8 April 2002, 3:30am: the Earth Day (22 April) page has now been reorganized and updated for 2002.  It includes rich resources for Earth Day as well as year-round environmental issues.

Easter Sunday, 31 March 2002, 12:30pm: In my e-mails this morning, I found this quiet, yet urgent group-message from author Deena Metzger, a friend of mine (and sometime-colleague at Pacifica Graduate Institute).  She asks for wide distribution of the message to the media, on websites, in public gatherings, and in any other ways we can think of.  I've created a page for it on my own website because her approach resonates so closely with what many of us are feeling at this dangerous point in history: Deena Metzger's Call for Deliberation.

Passover/Good Friday, 29 March 2002, 12:14am: Sometimes a page keeps building its momentum even after I've officially launched it.  This means that ideas keep churning in my brain, and new links & images keep falling into my lap that cry out to be recognized.  That is what has been happening the past few days on my Rituals of Death & Dying page (see directly below).  So, I have reorganized the page and added new sections, including "How Death Came Into the World," "African and African-American Traditions," and "Reincarnation, Rebirth, Spiritualism, Necromancy, and Other Evidence for the Survival of Consciousness after Death."  I have also added many new links to pre-existing categories from 5 days ago when I first launched this page.  Since the page has now more then doubled in size, I am "re-launching" it tonight.

Palm Sunday, 24 March 2002:  I added a new page today under the "Common Themes, East & West" section: Rituals of Death & Dying.  The page looks at cross-cultural rituals, beliefs, and traditions (beginning with Neanderthal times).

5pm Monday, 11 March 2002:  the updated spring equinox 2002 page, Springtide Greetings & Lore, is now online in time for March 20th.

Friday, 1 March 2002: here are more thought-provoking links on the "refusniks" and other Jewish peace movements in Israel & the USA (also see my previous entry below): Yesh Gvul:
Jewish Voice for Peace:[The following link is their news group]:
Jewish Committee on the Middle East:

Wednesday, 19-20 February 2002, 1:22am:  I'm a news junkie.  I watch ABC, NBC, and CBS daily, shuttling between them.  I also watch the BBC and Canadian broadcasts on cable TV.  Unfortunately, although the BBC and CBC are reporting on this, the major USA networks aren't covering Israel's "Refusniks."  An online Arabic network is.  You need to know about this huge & tremendously important movement.  Please, please look into this: here's the link:
[Later, 6:23pm]:  Here's another bright ray of hope about thousands of Israelis who were part of a peace rally in Jerusalem on 28 December 2001 -- again, there was no coverage in the media:

Friday, 1 February 2002: in honor of February as "Black History Month," my second new page of the New Year is another powerful, provocative, but ultimately hopeful and inspiring 2-part paper, Silenced Knowings, Forgotten Springs: Paths to Healing in the Wake of Colonialism, by two of my colleagues at Pacifica Graduate Institute, Dr. Helene Shulman Lorenz and Dr. Mary Watkins (also see below under 11 January 2002). Although much of the focus of this paper is on Black history in the United States, the agonizing impact of European Colonialism and the "globalization" of the entire Third World is ever-present.  This page by two noted depth psychologists offers ways of confronting and healing the disastrous fragmentation of colonialism.  I have illustrated the paper with images from many exciting artists whose work resonates with the depths probed by Lorenz and Watkins.

Thursday, 31 January 2002: my page for Candlemas/Imbolc (and other early-mid February celebrations) is now updated.

Friday, 11 January 2002:  My first new page of the New Year is a powerful paper that two of my colleagues at Pacifica, Dr. Helene Shulman Lorenz and Dr. Mary Watkins, have given me permission to reprint for Myth*ing Links: Individuation, Seeing-through, and Liberation:  Depth Psychology and Colonialism.  These two noted depth psychologists look at issues of European Colonialism and argue that personal growth is flawed and shaky without a larger communal context.  Many of you will resonate deeply with this work.  I have illustrated it -- images include exceptional work by MorrisoN. (FYI: this new page is listed under "Europe," below.)

Saturday night, 11:15pm, 30 December 2001:  according to the Asian Lunar New Year calendar, the 2002-2003 Year of the Water Horse doesn't begin until 12 February 2002.  However, since so many people are going to my current Lunar New Year page looking for it, I have archived the 2001-2002 Year of the Metal Snake and transferred its former URL to the Horse Year.
(Note: I first updated the Snake Year page with an additional passage from Shelly Wu about the closing months of this Snake Year -- in retrospect, it fits the aftermath of 9/11 with eerie accuracy.)

Tuesday-Wednesday, Christmas night, 3:50am, 25-26 December 2001: when I'm working on a new page, sometimes I refrain from launching it for 2 or 3 weeks, depending upon how many annotations I'm juggling.  The page just published tonight is an exception.  I started it nearly six months ago in early July but held back because I was worried it might be too personal.  I wanted the clarity of more distance, so I waited until after the summer quarter.  Then 9/11 happened and I was swept into creating new pages and changing one webhost after another.  Tonight I took another look, made some minimal changes, annotated 2 new links, and decided it was time to launch this new page in the Greek deities section: Prometheus.

Sunday night, 11:45pm, 23 December 2001:  I have re-designed, updated, and expanded the Near East's Anatoliapage and Europe's Pre-historic Period: Paleolithic to the Bronze Age page.  If you're reaching my site via, you'll already have seen my new entry page with some of my favorite epigraphs.  If you're coming here from elsewhere, you might want to click on that link <smile>.

Thursday night, 8pm, 6 December 2001:  I have just updated my Mythic Shoppingpage with more new links.  These are my own personal "likes" -- since I'm a mythologist, and love my field, my tastes naturally tend towards the mythic <smile>.  If you like the "look" of my site, you might also enjoy my shopping choices (disclaimer: I get no kick-backs from anyone -- mine is a non-profit site).  Hint: if you like Harry Potterand Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, you'll probably also enjoy browsing through some of these links -- some of their treasures look as if they could have been used as props in these films.

Sunday, pre-dawn, 2 December 2001, 1:40am:  I just launched my latest page -- Near East: Islam.  It covers general resources on the Islamic religion, Islamic arts & sciences (including medieval alchemy), Ramadhan (this includes and adds to the Ramadhan resources on my new Winter Greetings & Lorepage), Sufism, Sufi mystics, and women in Islam.  It's an elegant page that I've loved working on.  I hope you'll visit it.

Tuesday, 13 November 2001, 7:07pm:  Today, the 3rd year anniversary of Myth*ing Links, I have launched the new Winter Greetings & Lorepage for 2001-2002.  It includes an expanded section on Ramadan, which begins around 17 November this year (depending upon New Moon sightings).

Tuesday, 23 October 2001, 9am:  I have created a special index of Myth*ing Links pages connected to the events of 11 September 2001 -- see above.

5 September 2001:  Themes on my recent Romanian and Hungarian pages (see directly below) also impact the entire Central & Eastern European region.  I have therefore added an expanded addendum to my essay on the Central & Eastern European Portal Page and added two links from historians about the West's tragically ignorant role in incubating modern wars (which continue to flashpoint in our nightly newscasts).  After WWI, the West dismembered the region and stitched the bodyparts into Frankenstein's poor monster with a total disregard for the region's ancient ethnic and religious complexities.  (It's an odd and telling synchronicity that Frankenstein and Dracula both emerged into Western consciousness at about the same time.)

I include my hope that primary and secondary school teachers will subversively begin teaching humane, creative "leadership skills" (a.k.a. Cheiron-the-Centaur skills) to our young in an attempt to create a new generation with more wisdom and common sense than their elders.

Lest all this sound too "heavy" for you, I've also included music links from the region with great MP3 downloads, for those of you who know what MP3s are (and I don't) <smile>.

2 September 2001:  Tonight I am officially launching my new Romania page -- it includes Romanian history (covering issues also considered on my recently expanded Hungary / Transylvania page -- see below), culture, art, folk traditions, and, of course, lore on Dracula and vanpires.

28 August 2001: For the past ten intense days (in whatever time I could spare from grading papers and sleep-needs), I have been working on my Hungary / Transylvania page.  I began the page over a year ago, but had to abandon it with a ton of ungrokked links at the bottom of the page.  I finally returned to it this summer when a Hungarian webmaster complained.  The site is now huge, filled with great links to history, lore, folk art, and vibrant images from many sources.  I hope you'll enjoy it.  (Note: if you're looking for Count Dracula and vampires, you'll have to wait a few days for my forthcoming Romania page.)

18 August 2001: my Autumn Equinox Greetings & Lore for 2001 is now online (I kept the same URL as last year's & moved the 2000 page to an archival URL).  In addition to annotated links from previous years, I've added new ones related to harvest festivals of the Navajo and Pueblo Peoples of the American Southwest.  The page features a "Sacred Corn"painting by Sandra Stanton depicting the Navajo deities, Changing Woman and Natseelit, the Rainbow-goddess.  My opening essay is about Changing Woman as Holy Child, maiden, mother, crone, and artist.  I hope you'll enjoy it <smile>.

8 July 2001: I have updated, reorganized, and added a handful of new links and images to my Common ThemesNature Spirits page.

1 July 2001In 3 years of gathering and grokking links from all over the world, I've found many that are now personal favorites of mine.  Yet for simple, stunning significance, none compares with the work of Japanese researcher, Masaru Emoto, on water.  Note: I now own Emoto's book myself and have provided a new link with ordering information on my Common Themes / Water: Sacrality & Lore page.  I'm calling your attention to it in case you haven't seen this page yet.

17 June 2001:  over the past 2 weeks I have redesigned and greatly expanded my popular Common Themes, East & West: Sacred Theatre & Dance page.  It includes annotated links to theatre/dance in Asia (India, Nepal, Japan); the Middle East (ancient Egypt, "belly" dance, Sufi dance); Europe (Greek, Bulgarian, also medieval miracle & mystery plays); and the Americas.  There's a special section I wrote on Zuleikha, the "Storydancer" -- if you've ever seen her perform, you'll fully understand my enthusiasm!  Finally, there are many "General & Cross-cultural" links (including a great site on masks worldwide).

12 June 2001:  although the URL remains the same, my Summer Solstice page has now been updated and revised for this year -- it includes a new essay as well as many new images. (Last year's page has been archived but can be reached from this year's page.)

10 June 2001: I have been taking a detour from my Four Elements pages to complete a new page, India: Sacred Theatre and Dance.  I look at general lore, myth (quite fascinating!), and history.  I also include links to many of India's stunningly beautiful dance forms.

27 May 2001: 2 pages from my original November 1998 launch have now been redesigned and greatly expanded. These are the Earth Goddesses & Gods page and the Air, Wind, & Sky Goddesses & Gods page.  Both are now among the new Four Elements section of "Common Themes, East & West."

8 May 2001: The Fire & Solar Goddesses & God page (see under 4/23/01) is now largely complete with links to Pele, Brigit, Hephaestus, and more to come.  There's also a new Greek page with more on the god of fire and metalworking (he's the only Greek god who works), Hephaestus.

25 April 2001, 7:50pm: My Alchemy, Gnosticism, Hermetics page, which has been limping along with only one link for the past 2.5 years, has now finally been expanded wth many great new links.

23 April 2001, 1:26am: I'm still reorganizing the Common Themes area around the new Four Elements section.  In addition to the recent Water page, there are now two new "Sacrality & Lore" pages -- one for Fire(general fire lore, Northern Lights, Green Flashes, St. Elmo's Fire) -- this one is complete.  The other is for Air(wind, sky, storms, clouds, weather lore) -- this one will get many more links in the near future.  I'm working on deities of the four elements too, but much is still under construction there.

12 April 2001, 1:30am:  my apologies to those who have been trying to get through to this site the past three days.  A sudden increase in traffic put the site over its monthly quota of 6000 MB so its host took it offline Monday morning, 4/9.  Red tape prevented its reinstatement until a few hours ago.  In the meantime, I updated the Earth Day page for 2001.

I also reorganized a portion of the Common Themes, East & West section to include the 4 elements: earth, air, fire, and water -- along the way, I added a new page here: Water: Sacrality & Lore -- of special interest on this new page are 4 links to exciting data and photos from an amazing Japanese-English book, The Message from Water by Masaru Emoto.  Don't miss it!

1 April 2001: I've spent much of the past two weeks expanding my Buddhism page -- adding many new links and images.  The page focuses on general themes, including the "Lotus Sutra" and Bodhisattvas like Avalokiteshvara, Kuan Yin, White Tara, and Green Tara.  I still have a handful of links left to grok, but the page is nearly complete and worth a visit.

21 March 2001: I launched a new Common Themes: Animal Guides page today, the first day of spring, Of Cows and Madness.  It's how a mythologist looks at deeply disturbing issues underlying Mad Cow disease and Hoof (Foot) & Mouth disease.

19 March 2001: after three weeks of intense work grokking many new links, my China page (see below) is finally finished.  I begin with my delight in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and offer links to that film plus Chinese cinema in general; then I move to links on Martial Arts; History & Culture; Gender Issues (some fascinating, albeit disturbing, links here); Mythology and Lore; Religion & Philosophy; Art; Language & Literature; and, finally,  Multi-Category Sites.  The range is very broad -- there's something for everyone here, even including an interactive I Ching that I like.

1 March 2001: after recently falling in love with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, I started working on my ASIA >> China page.  It's nearly done now -- you might wish to take a look. <smile>.  [Update, 8-15 March 2001: found an earlier cache of bookmarks for this page so still working on it.  Please keep checking back.]

22 February 2001: my annual Spring Greetings & Lore page has now been updated for 2001.  (Note: I kept last year's URL but updated data for this year -- a few more links will be added over the next few weeks.)

8 February 2001, 2:30pm: on today's Jewish feast of Tu B'Shvat, "Birthday of the Trees," I am launching my first new page of 2001, Wars, Weapons, & Lies: The Dehumanizing Impulse.  The page begins with a look at contemporary war and weapons in the context of ancient wars and "magical" weapons (e.g., Arthur's sword).  It then offers illustrated links, annotated at length, to organizations trying to sift through governmental lies in an attempt to engender more tolerant, less toxic ways of handling conflict. This is a "companion page" to the last new page of 2000 launched on Christmas Day, Artists & Muses: The Creative Impulse.  (I call them "companion pages" because when creativity is thwarted, unnurtured, and/or repressed, the shadow-side of our creativity erupts and begins dehumanizing -- ourselves and others.  Too often, this is what leads to violence and wars.)
(FYI: for a beautiful essay on today's Jewish celebration of Tu B'Svat, "Birthday of the Trees," see:

31 January 2001: in preparation for the light and fire feasts beginning tomorrow, 1-2 February, I just updated my Imbolc/Candlemas page.

17 January 2001: in exactly one week (1/24/01), it will be Lunar New Year 2001-2002 and the Year of the Metal (Golden) Snake begins -- I just finished updating the Asian Lunar New Year page to reflect this.  (Note: the URL remains the same, but the art and some of the content has changed.)

Christmas Day 2000: out of the blue, a new page suddenly sprang up full-fledged today and demanded to be given form and an immediate launch.  So I did it <smile>.  It's a new Common Themes, East & West page: Artists & Muses: The Creative Impulse.  Happy Yuletide!

21 December 2000: I just added a new section called "Holiday Blues" to my Winter Greetings 2000 page.  Also, don't forget the seasonal "companion page": Yuletide Around the World

16 November 2000: In preparation for my folklore classes in the winter and spring 2001 quarters, I've just completed a major update (with a dozen new annotated links) of my European Folklore & Fairy Tale page.

13 November 2000: Today is MythingLinks' second anniversary.  The project has been an exhausting but richly satisfying venture.  To mark the occasion, I'm launching a new page in my Greek theme-clusters series:
Centaurs, Cheiron, Wounded Healers, Sagittarius.
Additionally, at the bottom of this home page, I used to have banners & links for the Hunger Site, Rainforest Site, Kids AIDS Site, Kids Survival Site, Breast Cancer Site, and several great animal and environmental sites -- for your convenience (and to trim loading times), I have now transferred these to a new page of their own: My Good Causes Page.

9 November 2000: I was recently interviewed for an article on goddesses, "Oh, Goddess!" by Laurel Kallenbach for -- here's the link if you'd like to read it:,1267,ArticleDetail:learn:16:439,00.html.

31 October 2000:  In the old Celtic calendar, tonight, Samhain, marks the beginning of winter.  Thus, honoring my Celtic ancestors, and overlapping my still-current Autumn Greetings page, tonight I'm launching my Winter Greetings 2000 page.  I hope you'll enjoy exploring its many cross-cultural links and images on cold winter nights <smile>.  Since the page is quite long, I split the cross-cultural regional links this year and gave them a separate page at:
Yuletide Around the World -- these links cover Scandinavia, Russia & Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the New World, "Down Under," as well as Yuletide Mummers, Foods, and Trees.

13 October 2000: In my Common Themes section there are now two new pages: Food and Drink: Sacrality & Lore (topics include mead, ale, beer, wine, ancient & medieval foods, the sex life of dates, & more) and Symbols, Signs, & Runes (for this page, I found an especially good selection of links on the ancient swastika symbol).

11 October 2000: one of my most popular pages is the Halloween/Samhain page.  All year round, a surprising number of people from all over the world visit it.  I've just updated and expanded it with a handful of new links -- also a slightly spookier background <smile>.  Enjoy.

9 October 2000: I just launched my Indigenous Circumpolar Peoples page -- the few links there are superb ones; time permitting, more will be added over the coming months.

8 October 2000: On my just updated European Opening Page, I have added an exceptional link to a website that looks at the mythic theme of the "Rape of Europa" and how it relates to Europe in general.   On my just completed Baltics Opening Page, you'll find many new folkloric links plus 3 stunningly timeless, mysterious sculptural works by young Latvian artist, Roberts Diners.

5 October 2000:  For over a week now I've been upgrading and expanding my page on Baltic lands, in general, as well as on the new pages for individual Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.  There's a good deal on each of them and you might like to take a look.

17 September 2000:  Still on the music theme (see directly below), today I did a major update on my heretofore much-neglected Russian Music page.

14 September 2000, just past midnight: I just activated the new Music page (under Common Themes, East & West).  I'll slowly be adding more links, time and tired eyes permitting <smile>; ungrokked links will be found at the bottom of the page, in case you wish to explore further on your own.

6 September 2000: I'd like to call your attention to the Headline Muse, an excellent monthly, free, online journal which offers archetypal analysis of headline news, current events and cultural trends.  It comes from writer and professor, Laura Shamas, who is also currently a doctoral student in the Mythological Studies Department at Pacifica Graduate Institute (see above).

28 August 2000: I've reorganized my Ancient Greece page, splitting off the mythic clusters into individual pages.  Everything now loads faster and is more conveniently located.  The Mythic Theme Clusters include: Athena, Icarus, Medusa & Pegasus, & Pan -- others are forthcoming.

18 August 2000: my new Autumn Equinox/Mabon/Harvest page for 2000 is now online; all the art work has changed, as it will every year, & all of last year's still-active links have been revised and updated.  I plan to add a few more new links over the upcoming weeks, so please keep checking back.  Since this autumn 2000 is a presidential election year in my home-country of the United States, I've also included my thoughts on the mythic aspects of this process.

8 August 2000:  I'm now featuring the artwork of Francene Hart on my cyber ritual for Weather-Working  introductory page (as well as on the links page).  Her work blends amazingly well with the content.  She's a visionary artist who lives in the Wisconsin woods and works with "sacred geometry" -- I hope you'll take a look at what she does.  It's very powerful.

27-28 July 2000: since the seasonal harvest feast of Lammas, or Lughnasa, on 1-2 August is only a few days away, I've tried to steal a little time from other pressing duties to expand the minimal page I started last year.  I've added 4 new annotations, 2 of which include surprising data on ancient feminine connections to this feast of the Celtic god, Lugh.  At the bottom of the page are many ungrokked links on lore, rituals, etc.  I hope to get these annotated over the next few days.  In the meantime, you might enjoy exploring them on your own.  [Note: 7/30/00 -- the page is now complete.]

25 June 2000:  As my spring quarter course, Folklore & Fairy Tales, nears its completion, so too does my Western European Folklore & Fairy Tales page.  I've been working piecemeal on it in what limited time I've had, more work still remains, but it's already greatly enlarged with many new links and images.  I hope my students will find it useful in working on their research papers and that others will enjoy it as well.  P.S. It includes links to Harry Potter's author, J. K. Rowling, one of my favorites.

12 June 2000: with droughts, fires, and unusually potent storms so much a part of the news, I'm going way out on a limb in creating a new series of five linked pages -- an experimental cyber-ritual for weather-working.  It begins with my explanatory essay, Weather-Working: Introduction [Update 8 August 2000: I'm now featuring the arkwork of Francene Hart on this introductory page (as well as on the links page) because it blends so amazingly well with the content.  She's a visionary artist who lives in the Wisconsin woods and works with "sacred geometry" -- I hope you'll take a look at what she does.  It's very powerful.]

4 June 2000: Troubled by the escalating plight of Mayan descendents in Mexico's Chiapas region, I've activated my Indigenous Peoples >> Mexico page.  Much more remains to be done on this page but today there are 4 excellent links to large websites, most on the ancient Maya but one also includes detailed, current information on Chiapas.

29 May 2000:  My Summer 2000 Greetings, Lore & Customs page is now online.  (If you live in the Bay area, don't miss the special link for a major SPCA conference July 8-10, 2000 called Kinship with All Life: Exploring our Sacred Relationship with Animals and Nature.  Bernie Siegel, Matthew Fox, Jane Goodall, and many others will be featured speakers.)

28 May 2000:  I completely redesigned my general Reference page (I needed its previous opening image for my upcoming Summer Greetings page).  At the end of that page, I've added 4 great links on movies, especially for those of you searching for film plots, themes, and/or films representing various historical periods.  I hope you'll enjoy the new look.

20 May 2000: over the past month, in preparing a new lecture for my spring "Folklore & Fairy Tales" class, I fell in love with Finland's marvelous epic, the Kalevala.  Inspired by my research, I finally activated the Finland page -- located under Eastern Europe >> Finno-Ugric Peoples.  [5/31/00: With the addition of more links, the page is now finished.]

9 May 2000: this morning when Dr. Alice Root, a former student of mine, sent me the URL for her exceptional new site on the therapeutic/mythic use of donkeys and horses in helping disabled children, I knew I needed that link on my website as soon as possible, which meant that it was finally time to launch my Animal Guides page in the COMMON THEMES section.  It is now online with a handful of links, including Dr. Root's -- don't miss it.

1 May 2000: In honor of May Day / Beltane, I'm pleased to announce a delicious new page, "Crone Genesis," by famed Hungarian, wiccan author, Z Budapest, as a Mything Links' exclusive.  It can be reached via the COMMON THEMES: Crones & Sages page.

12 April 2000:  I've finally activated the links under INDIGENOUS PEOPLES for North America and Canada's First Peoples.  Also, the Beltane/May Day page is now complete.

6 April 2000: When I realized that 22 April 2000 is the 30th anniversary, as well as the 30 year Saturn-return cycle of Earth Day, I knew I had to create a special page for it.  The page includes links focused on Earth Day 2000 as well as on environmental issues that are relevant year-round.  The page opens with intriguing astrological data on this time period.  Perhaps it's no coincidence that, in the Christian calendar, the date this year also falls on Holy Saturday, that strangely quiet "limbo" day, between-the-realms, wherein miracles are brewed, only to erupt in a garden the next dawn.  The page has music ("Greensleeves") and Joanna Colbert's haunting "Artemis."

25 March 2000: In honor of Lady Day, I've added a new page to the COMMON THEMES section: Rituals of Puberty.  So far there are only a half dozen links -- 4 of them look at powerful Apache and Navajo rituals for young women.

9 March 2000: I've created a special page, rich with Russian illustrations of Baba Yaga, for an essay by an anonymous author on Russia's crone-goddess, Baba Yaga.  This can be reached from my Crones & Sages page in the COMMON THEMES section.

6 March 2000: a few mornings ago, in a fit of whimsey after a sleepless night, I made a new page: Graveyard for Lamented Links.  The page includes some of my thoughts on the ephemeral nature of webbing.

2 March 2000:  The Springtide Greetings, Lore, & Customs 2000 page is now online -- check the lore calendars from Waverly Fitzgerald and the Alpine Shaman for wonderful cross-cultural spring celebrations beginning early in March and running throughout the season until mid-June.  (The page also has music & exquisite spring-goddess illustrations.)

20 February to 2 March 2000: the Near East's lengthy Anatolia & Central Asia page is now complete -- it includes sub-sections on Turkey's Catal Huyuk, Hittites, Scythians, Amazons, the Caucasus, Huns, and much more.

11-20 February 2000: since I'll be teaching a new course on Ancient Near Eastern Traditions this summer, I've started working on that heretofore neglected portion of my website for the sake of my summer's students.  The original Near East Opening Page (which now has music -- an ancient Hurrian Hymn) has now spawned three regional subdivisions: Tigris-Euphrates,Canaan, and Anatolia & Central Asia.  I've also added a new Near Eastern page called The Three Monotheisms.  Much is still in-progress -- please keep checking back.

24 January 2000:  I have added new links to the February 1-2 Imbolc / Candlemas page.  I have also created a new page for the Asian Lunar Year: the Year of the Dragon, beginning February 5, 2000 until early 2001.

2-10 January 2000: for over a year my Trees & Plant Lore page has only had 7 links and one small image.  As a "tree person," I wanted this to be the first completed page of the new millennium -- and now it is, with a total of 39 links and many new images.  Categories covered include European & Cross-Cultural Lore; Entheogens; Ethnobotany & Folk Medicine; Wine; and Endangered Forests, Plants, Crops. [Update 17 January 2000: at the bottom of this Tree Lore page, I just added Waverly Fitzgerald's beautiful site on the Jewish Feast of Trees, Tu B'Shvat -- this year it falls on 22 January -- just a few days away.]

29-30 December 1999Floods, Storms, Rainbows, & Other Weather Wonders
now has an additional 14 links -- and is complete.  For why, of all my many unfinished pages, this one had to be finished by year's end, click on the link.  The answer surprised me too.

25 November 1999:  My 1999-2000 Winter Greetings page is now online.  In addition to the greetings, I've also included a great many annotated, illustrated links to early December feasts (Chanukah, St. Nicholas, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Lucia); winter solstice (rituals, goddesses, the Holly King, etc); other winter celebrations (Christmas in Europe and the New World, European mummers, the Pueblo Turtle Dance, Kwanzaa, etc.); seasonal foods; and much more.  Enjoy the art, music, words and spirit!  [Update 12/16/99: because I love to share what I love, I've added a brief last-minute Mythic Holiday Shopping page to this Winter Greetings page.]

13 November 1999:  This evening marks the first anniversary of my Mything Links website.  The site has grown greatly during this time, both in new pages and in new visitors.  In the past three and a half months alone, over 6,000 people have visited this home page.  To celebrate all this "webbing," I've just launched a new page under "Common Themes": Weaving: Arts & Lore.  The page looks at cosmic webs, spinning, spindles, clothing, and much more.  Please take a look -- and celebrate with me!

30-31 October 1999:  Under "Common Themes," there's an outstanding new page this evening on mountains, wells, springs, pools, lakes, caves, labyrinths, spiral (& other) mounds, crop circles, stone circles (e.g., Stonehenge, etc), & Feng Shui.  It's called: Landscape: Sacrality & Lore

18 October 1999: Various requests from teachers have resulted in a
Teachers' Reference page; it focuses on sites for those who teach in primary or secondary schools (or for those who homeschool their children).  Lovely images come from African-American and Russian artists.  [11/1/99: this page has just been designated a "Cool Site" by the Open Directory Project.]

10 October 1999: The long-promised East European page, Pan Slavic Traditions & Beliefs, is now online.  It has many great links, both scholarly and general, as well as beautiful folklore images (including firebirds, Baba Yaga, and Vasilisa).

6 October 1999:  Especially for people like me who are "time-challenged" -- i.e., always late -- there's now a new page under "Common Themes," this one on Time.  It looks at calendars, clocks, cycles, attitudes toward time (& its discontents), & millennium issues.

4 October 1999: Under "Common Themes" there's now a major & beautiful new page on Nature Spirits of the World with many links and art images.  It looks at scholarly essays, reference resources, and great worldwide stories about fairies, elves, gnomes, sirens, mermaids.

23 September 1999: Under "Indigenous Peoples," there's now an imporant new page on Australia's Aboriginal Peoples.  It looks at their history, art, music, plant-lore, language, and beliefs in Dreamtime and Songlines.

20 September 1999:  In time for my autumn European Sacred Traditions course, I just made major additions to the "Old Europe" page -- a term used by Marija Gimbutas to designate a region of Eastern Europe where a unique Neolithic culture predated incursions from patriarchal, nomadic warriors.  Since Gimbutas' archives are housed at Pacifica Graduate Institute, updating this page takes on special meaning for me.

18 September 1999: The Jungian-oriented Special Interest page for the Pacifica Community now has many new links for depth psychology, religion, myth, etc.  The recently added Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead page now has music, "Aztec Flute" -- the music is very slow-loading, but worth it.

5 September 1999: There is a new page, The Wheel of the Year, where my seasonal greetings as well as the four "between" feasts may be found. The Autumn Greetings page has additional links plus a special link to a new page for Samhain (Halloween). I also created a new page for a related, but distinct, tradition in Mexico, the Day of the Dead.

31 August 1999: music + 2 new links (one on Krishna, Pan, dervishes & the Pied Piper) have been added to the Tricksters, Clowns, Magicians, Jesters & Fools page.  [A 3rd link on magicians and 2 new images added 9/25/99.]

25 August 1999: until now, my Ancient Greece page had one link and one image.  After days of work, it now has major changes, including about 3 dozen links and many new images.  It's a bit slow-loading (due to all the art), but I hope you'll enjoy it. /// My Sacred Theatre, Dance, & Ritualpage has a new link to a webpage I designed for one of our Pacifica doctoral students, Dina Franz. The page is called "Children, Shootings, & Communal Dance." I created it, with her permission, because I feel her insights are important.

14 August 1999: The past few days there's been a chill in the air along the southern California coast and the stores are filled with "Back to School" sales. It feels like autumn, although the autumnal equinox is nearly six weeks away. In Russia's Ukraine, autumn already began on August 2nd with the feast of St. Ilya. So today, I'm putting my Autumn Greetings on line. In addition to my invocation, it includes a magnificent painting of an ancient Slavic goddess, a haunting Hungarian love song, and a small collection of excellent seasonal links (with more to come in late September).  Above all, it contains a link to the important Hunger Site, especially relevant in this approaching harvest season.

5 August 1999: I've further expanded the scope of the original "Floods" page (see 8/2/99 entry) -- it's now Floods, Storms, Rainbows, & Other Weather Wonders. This allows me to include such phenomena as St. Elmo's Fire, the aurora borealis, and "green flashes." I've added 14 additional links and 2 new images, including Sandra Stanton's eerie, haunting "Rainbow" from 1984.

4 August 1999: Yesterday the Sacred Theatre, Dance, & Ritual page had one illustration and zero links. Today it has 10 illustrations and 29 links. Enjoy!

2 August 1999: The Floods, Storms, & Rainbows page finally has several links plus lovely art from Hungarian-born artist, Judy Racz.

1 August 1999: I've moved Crones & Sages, which used to be under Western Europe, to Common Themes (I've kept the original URL for the sake of bookmarked files & search engines). This page now has great new art & links.

31 July 1999: I've made major changes to the Creation Myths page, including adding 17 new links and many new illustrations.

28 July 1999: There are now three new pages: a separate Reference Page (see above) with many new links as well as two links that used to be located above; Cross-cultural, Multi-regional, Interdisciplinary Collections which includes "The Voice of the Shuttle" as well as several new links; and Pages of special interest to Pacifica faculty, students & colleagues(these include links to Jung, Campbell, depth psychology, & several foundations for mythology).

20 July 1999: Summer solstice may be a month past but its energies are now widening and flowing into the ancient Celtic, communal, joyful, early harvest feast of Lammas, or Lughnasadh, on August 1st.  Thus, I've added 2 new links for Solstice and another 2 for Lammas on my Summer Greeting page; I've also added the lyrics for the music on this summer page.

17 July 1999: I have added 3 of Sandra Stanton's Egyptian goddesses to my Egyptian pages: Isis is on the Religious Beliefs & Practices page, Sekmet on Mythology, and Nut on the Women of Ancient Egypt page. I've also added her Diana/Artemis and Black Madonna to the Earth-Based Ways (Wicca) page. (Note to my students: Sandra is currently doing the paintings for my book, The Green World Oracle: Listening to the Voices of Sacred Trees & Plants.)

16 July 1999: near the bottom of the Burning Times page, I added two important new links and updated a third.

12 July 1999:  Announcing yet another new Latin America page, Lore & History of Maize.  This is a companion piece to the page on cocoa/chocolate.

10-11 July 1999: Announcing a new South American page: Andean Peoples (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, northern Chile). There's still much more to add to this page in the months ahead, but this is at least a start. (Note: like most of my pages, it's rich in graphics so please be patient while it loads.) The new South America page, uploaded on July 1st with a special focus on the Amazon, has now been split so that I could move the Amazon material to its own page: Amazonian Peoples.

2 July 1999:  Inspired by Sandra Stanton's extraordinary, vital, earthy, indigenous goddesses, I have replaced what was just a single painting of hers with seven of her goddesses on my Indigenous Peoples page.  Enjoy!

1 July 1999:  Under my revised Indigenous Peoples' page, there is now a new Latin America page....Since cacao/cocoa/chocolate played a significant religious role in Meso-America as well as South American, I've created a seperate Latin American page for the Lore & History of Chocolate.

19 June 1999: After many trials with several services that worked poorly, I finally found a search engine from whatUseek that will allow you to type in a name, theme, location, etc and receive a thorough report on where (or if) my website has what you seek.  It's located above under "Notes" (below my name), guarded by two dragons.

18 June 1999: My Summer Solstice greeting is finally on-line (after a 10-day computer crash). The page includes artist Joanna Colbert's wonderful "Eve, the Gardener." Also included is a link to a Native American Peace and Prayer Day scheduled to coincide with summer solstice. This is a powerful time of the year and the focus on peace is crucial. [Note: my Spring Equinox greeting can now be found under Europe's Earth-based Ways.]

May 30, 1999: My long-neglected Dragons & Serpents page now has about a dozen new links and an additional illustration of a mystic serpent-woman.

May 28, 1999: The Balkan page now includes a link to Bulgaria, a fascinating land in whose mountains Orpheus and Dionysus are said to have lived.  Bulgaria's Balkan Mountains gave the entire region its name.  Also, her conversion to Christianity is viewed as the beginning of the "civilizing" of the region's Slavic peoples as a whole.  Bulgaria's festivals and lore are rich and wonderful.

May 27, 1999:  There is now a new Eastern Europe page on the Balkans -- much remains under construction, however. (Several other changes have also been made under "Eastern Europe" -- see Updates for specifics.) This new Balkan page is now where you'll find Judith Brownlee's powerful Kosovo/Serb "Peace Invocation", which in turn is linked to a second page containing e-mail correspondence on Kosovo & Serbia (with 17 excellent, but unannotated links to the conflict there); this second page also has two ancient Slavic/Eastern European goddesses by artist Sandra Stanton.  Reaction to these pages continues to be phenomenal.

May 26, 1999: The mythic dimension of astrology has much to say about current events, some chilling, some hopeful. Wolfstar's engrossing syndicated column has been listed on my Star Lore page for months now, but here is a direct link: and as a backup, if this one is down, try Halloran's Astrological Software site [double-click in the upper right hand corner under "Weekly NewsScope"]:

July 12, 1999: page separated from the Home Page and given this page of its own.
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