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"Buddhist Patriarch and Tiger"
Probably a 13th century copy after Shih K'o (10th century)
National Museum, Tokyo
(In Chinese Painting by Mario Bussagli.  Hamlyn 1969)

This is the Zen WWW Virtual Library, an offshoot of the Buddhist Studies WWW, but with a specifically Zen focus.

This is one of many sites in the Zen WWW Virtual Library.  This one offers a comprehensive calendar of important events in Buddhism (both ancient and contemporary).

"Dharma the Cat": an interesting and gentle site with cartoons, Zen stories, a useful survey of basic Buddhist beliefs, and excellent links to other sites.  It also has a chat and discussion section.  This site is a member of the "Dharma Ring Sites," a collection of related Buddhist sites, some quite scholarly, others of uneven quality.  I only explored a handful of available sites and found them, in general, refreshing, despite the often devotional tone.
Note: a "Ring" site means you can enter at random or step-by-step (by clicking on Next or Previous) around a large group of linked sites all belonging to the "Ring."  I personally find Rings frustrating because I prefer having a site map that will give me a sense of the overall pattern; nevertheless, Rings are fun to browse if you have time.
This intelligent, thoughtful site offers data on very early Chinese Zen lineages and philosophy; it includes lectures, book reviews, and a useful bibliography; it also provides links to Buddhist centers, scholarly journals and research sites.  Like the above, it is a member of the "Dharma Ring Sites."  [Note: for reasons beyond me, the link takes you to the bottom, not the top, of the page: you'll have to hit control-Home to get to the top, or else scroll back up.]

This site is the "Electronic Bodhidharma," created and maintained by IRIZ: the International Research Institute for Zen Buddhists located in Kyoto, Japan.  The site contains the largest collection of Buddhist primary texts on the Internet.  It also includes access to the world's Zen Centers; Zen stories; the Oxherding pictures (using a new translation and wonderful art from late 17th century Japanese sources); and extensive bibliographies.
Unless I come across something too spectacular to omit, this Zen page is now complete.  The links here will lead you into dozens of other links to sites on Zen. Enjoy following your own meandering path.

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