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Green Tara (c.1200-1400 AD)
Three-Tiered Temple at Alchi in Tibet

This is the Tibetan Studies WWW Virtual Library (see above under BUDDHISM, GENERAL for other such sites).  Like all WWW Virtual Libraries, it offers scholarly, rich connections to such areas as Tibetan religion, language & literature, travel, and medicine.

This is the London-based "Tibetan Government in Exile's Official Web Site."  It is updated daily, and offers contemporary, breaking news in addition to links focusing on such issues as culture, women, history, and films & videos.

This site, "Guide to Tibetan Art, Theatre & Music," offers data and links to many aspects of Tibetan sacred arts and traditions.  Included are sandpaintings, mandalas, textiles, carpets, architecture, sculpture, and sacred symbols.
This American site offers connections to organizations trying to protect present-day Tibet.

White Tara
Contemporary Tibetan Thanka Detail

More to come, on Tibet as well as on Tara...

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