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Ancient Alexandria

[Unless indicated, all annotations date from 1998 and are still current]

the Pillar of Pompey, guardian of Cleopatra
19th century lithograph by David Roberts
(Courtesy of Museum Tours, which has a large on-line gallery of Roberts' work.  Fuller details on this organization under "Egypt through the Eyes of Photographers & Artists")
Pompey's Pillar stood on the site of the 13th century BCE fishing village of  Rhakotis, which stood on the mainland across from the island of Pharos (whose excellent harbor was known even to Homer -- see the "Alexandria Homepage" site directly below).  The ancient city of Alexandria was later designed around this area. [Link updated 19 January 2003]
This Alexandria homepage offers basic historical data on Alexandria from the ancient fishing village that once stood on this site (13th century BCE) to the time of Alexander the Great.  Then it continues with a look at the Ptolemaic, Roman, Arab, and Modern city.  Two interesting historical maps from the 16th and 17th centuries AD are included.  There's also a section on ancient monuments and a gallery of 19th and 20th century photographs.  A page on recent discoveries updates items of interest to those who are fascinated by this city's past.  See directly below for another link from this site....
 (The site also has data on travel to and in the modern city.) [Link updated 19 January 2003]
...This Alexandria URL takes you to a wide range of links to sites focusing on such areas as Alexander the Great; the lost Library of Alexandria; the brilliant Hypatia and her tragic end; ancient mathematics, starlore, and Cavafy's poetry.  There's wonderful information here, some quite scholarly, some more basic.  These sites should not be missed.
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