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...In Genesis, Noah was directed to rescue all species against a time of growing danger. We are again in such a time.  I am suggesting that each of us is already a Noah's Ark filled with countless, unsuspected, interspecies lifetimes.  This means we can be far more than sorrowing observers of animal exploitation and extinction.  We can reconnect with our own secret wisdom, our own animal cunning, and join together to protect all species.......
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Detail of a 15th century painting of Noah's Ark

Monday, 10 January 2011:
Why am I doing this?

After nearly four decades of guiding people through their past lives, my work took an unexpected turn last night when I decided it was perhaps time to shift from human lives to animal lives -- and by animals, I mean all the non-human, four-legged, winged, finned, slithering, swimming creatures of earth, air, and water. Yes, technically, humans are also animals but we mostly -- and unfortunately -- forget we are animals as we glory in our great accomplishments.  That, of course, is part of the problem.

This doesn't mean I'll stop working with those who are more interested in their human lives -- much work remains to be done in such spheres and our human incarnations continue to have immense personal significance for each of us.  But in light of our collective grief over constant environmental degradation, the extinction of so many species, and the recent and unexplained deaths of vast numbers of birds and sea creatures, I have decided that it might be time to expand the scope of my work and open up an exploration of animal lives to those who are interested.

It's often said that we are all ONE -- an expression stemming from a generalized awareness of the mystical unity of all beings. It's a very different matter, however, to know the truth of those words from one's own experience of having been a specific dolphin, lobster, dragonfly, mammoth, wolf, raven, elephant, or a specific serpent, chipmunk, hawk, salmon, cockroach, salmon, grasshopper, bee, octopus, mosquito. My hope is that knowing/feeling such connections will eventually catalyze saner, wiser, and more compassionate solutions to the planet's growing environmental crises.

This could open up other areas of inquiry as well.  Are our "power animals" or "familiars" representative of our own prior lives as animals?  Are indigenous totem-clan peoples more intrinsically aware than the rest of us that they, literally, are families of current-humans who were once members of non-human families of the same creator-animals represented by their totems?  [See, for example, The Jaguar & the Priest: An Ethnography of Tzeltal Soulsby Pedro Pitarch, in which humans have multiple souls, including those of animals and natural phenomena.]  If so, how did the rest of us lose such awareness? Could not re-finding and accepting these connections be a crucial key in turning things around?

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I realize that some might ask why we would return as animals once we have begun incarnating as humans, which many see as a major move in our spiritual evolution.  An insistence upon human superiority, however, assumes something for which many of us see little evidence.  Regardless, humans might choose to toggle between animals and humans for a wide range of reasons.......

In one case, for example, one of my clients found himself in a life as a young Viking boy who drowned tragically.  Shortly thereafter -- and to his great delight -- he returned as a wild stallion galloping in the Arabian desert.  Clearly, a  perfect "consolation prize" for that child.  In other cases, perhaps the most common reason for having animal lives interspersed among human lives is that it gets very tiring to keep coming back as a human. Non-human lives can sometimes offer much-needed karmic R&R.

More often, of course, these animal lives have deeply profound meanings in their own right.  That is what was unfolding last night after I'd spent much of the day writing a former Pacifica colleague, Deena Metzger, about a life of mine as an elderly elephant in ancient India, an elephant who was forced to transport huge logs and then left to starve in the jungle when she grew too weak.  I had lived human lives both before and after that elephant's life but she remains one of my most significant incarnations.  That, in fact, is why I was writing Deena yesterday -- I wanted to share the story because I had been so moved by Deena's own recent experiences with powerful messages from a still-living African elephant she's named Ambassador.  By the time I'd finished writing her, this new pathway, focusing on animal lives, had unexpectedly appeared.

[For more on my thoughts as well as the interspecies-incarnation experiences of others, see the January 11, 2011 "Aftermath" section of my  elephant webpage.]
Two months later --
Saturday night, 5 March 2011:

I have delayed launching this project for two months because of mounting stresses and demands from many other quarters.  I simply had neither the time nor energy to make the necessary revisions and complicated shifts between this page and another. But this morning I awoke from an unusually clear dream that told me it's time to move forward:

I was in an empty garage, its wooden boards nailed to 2-by-4's with shelves placed randomly between the supporting 2-by-4's. The clean wood smelled fresh, earthy.  "Why don't I turn this into a rustic chapel?," I thought to myself.  "I could put tea-candles in votives on some of the shelves and art works on others. It would be beautiful!"

I noticed a wooden box on the floor -- I'd guess it was roughly 9" x 12".  Opening it, I found many objects wrapped in cloth.  I began unwrapping the small packages, one by one, and found a series of sculptures of animals.  I didn't notice whether they were made from stone, wood, or clay, only that they were animals. Each time I unwrapped a package and found a new animal, I felt a sense of delight. Some were abstract so it wasn't easy to tell what it was, yet somehow, as with a cow or mammoth, for example, I seemed strangely empowered to "grok" its identity.

I began to arrange the figures on the earthen floor in front of me -- cow, lion, deer, horse, wolf, tiger, rabbit, cat, dog, elephant, goat, sheep, bear, mammoth -- all kinds of 4-legged animals.

After I had unwrapped most of the animals, I came to a longer, thin package near the bottom of the wooden box.  When I unwrapped it, I found a statue of Kuan Yin, a being I greatly revere.  I added her to the animals, positioning her to my left but facing to my right, with the animals spread out asymmetrically around her, like a nebula. The flow of energy on this earthen altar felt wonderful.

Then an unknown male person was in the garage, slightly behind me to my right, watching. "Who's that?" he asked, pointing to the only human-like figure. "Kuan Yin," I said, as I unwrapped another animal and placed it a few inches from Kuan Yin, but facing her -- a squirrel, as it happens, for which I have a special affection [see my Kosovo page: scroll down to small squirrel image on the left].  He asked several more questions and seemed genuinely interested in these strange goings-on, but his questions activated my left-brain and I drifted into waking consciousness.

Once I was fully awake, I understood the dream was telling me that it's time to get this project going, to start unwrapping the packages of animals lying within our human minds/hearts/brains.

Further, although my 2011 dream-mind had seen the structure as a small garage, it could just as easily have been a shed or primitive house from thousands of years ago.  In other words, it wasn't a "civilized" skyscraper, condo, mansion, or temple. It was grounded in earthy simplicity, with room for candles to honor the deities.  And Kuan Yin herself was willing to "hold the center" among all the animals.

Because of that dream, after many hours of work on these pages today, I'm finally launching this Interspecies/Noah's Ark project tonight <smile>.

1 April 2011:

I learned a few days ago that what captured public sentiment about "Saving the Whales" campaigns came only in 1968 when recordings were released of the "songs" that whales send over great distances in communicating with other whales. The eerily cosmic sounds touched and haunted many of us, creating a sense of intimacy with whales, from which was born a desire to protect such a wondrous species.

Although not as far-reaching, this Karmic Noah's Ark Project has a similar purpose: to share, not music, but stories  -- stories from humans about their incarnations among other species, enjoying unsuspected powers of awareness, perception, sensation, and a near-mystical delight in the life unfolding around them.  Even yogic powers, or Siddhis, usually thought of as being "supernatural," turn out to be common among non-human species.

To share these stories, bringing to life their deeper dimensions, will, hopefully, like the songs of the whales, awaken us to a renewed sense of intimacy with other creatures and a desire to honor and protect those who share this planet with us.

In Genesis, Noah was directed to rescue all species against a time of growing danger. We are again in such a time.  I am suggesting that each of us is already a Noah's Ark filled with countless, unsuspected, interspecies lifetimes.  This means we can be far more than sorrowing observers of animal exploitation and extinction.  We can reconnect with our own secret wisdom, our own animal cunning, and join together to protect all species.......
...These Interspecies/Noah's Ark telephone mini-sessions are $95.  If you are interested, you can reach me at: jenks7ATfrontierDOTcom
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