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Exploring Reincarnation,
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Kathleen Jenks,  Ph.D. author and retired professor
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March 2011:

Exploring Your Karmic Noah's Ark: Interspecies Lives
A Karmic Noah's Ark: My Own Ancient Elephant Life
A Karmic Noah's Ark: V-1 -- Rabbit & Hippo

I have been facilitating pastlife regressions since the mid 1970's, prior to and throughout my later professional academic life. Carl Jung's writings on the problem of innocent suffering as well as books about Edgar Cayce's work initially stimulated my curiosity. Then, during a time when I was about to make a major change in my life by becoming a contemplative nun in northern California, a series of painful, puzzling dreams forced me to explore my own earlier lives. I discovered that I had been a nun, priestess, priest, and monk in many spiritual traditions. To do it again would be nostalgia, not growth. It was time to leave that too-familiar path behind.

Having seen firsthand how crucial pastlife knowledge was, I then went about sharing the experience with willing friends and colleagues.  I did the first 100 for free and learned that, with rare exceptions, nearly everyone is able to access their own earlier lives. For a surprising number of people, lives come through with moderate clarity.  For a fortunate few, they are crystal clear and as detailed as a three hour movie (which is about the length some sessions run). For others, myself included, lives emerge in a sketchy manner, filled with gaps and unanswered questions, yet much can nevertheless be accomplished by working with such fragments.

Some lives, by their very nature -- i.e., those that are unusually happy, dramatic, or traumatic -- come through in vivid detail. Other lives, except for a few highlights, are a blur.  (Interestingly, those "blurs" refute critics who dismiss pastlife memories as products of the imagination -- no one is so lacking in imagination that they could not fill in the blanks of these blurry lives, yet when I ask my clients what they are experiencing, they insist nothing else is "coming through" -- it doesn't even occur to them to invent something to satisfy my questions.)


For nearly thirty years, I facilitated regressions in groups or one-on-one.  Then one day I realized that I was having to explain less and less about light trance states, guided imagery, and karma prior to a session. Through books, TV, film, and the internet, people were already quite familiar with such matters. Many also understood their own processes and just needed an experienced facilitator, not an explanation of what it was all about.

At that point I finally agreed to do what many had been asking me to do for years: regressions by telephone. Most of my work is now done this way. People find it easier to relax in their own surroundings and they are no longer faced with a long drive home afterwards.

The light-trance portion of a session averages about 90 minutes. However, since I allow time for discussions beforehand and afterwards, an appointment usually runs about 3 hours. Cost is $150/session, whether in person or by phonePayment can be made in cash (for those coming in person), or by check or PayPal (see PayPal link near the bottom of this page).

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Frequently Asked Questions
Perspectives on Exploring Past Lives
Letter to a Child
What Is a Past Life?
and Testimonials about this work
March 2011:

Exploring Your Karmic Noah's Ark: Interspecies Lives
A Karmic Noah's Ark: My Own Ancient Elephant Life
A Karmic Noah's Ark: V-1 -- Rabbit & Hippo
[Others, from V-2 to V-13 are still pending....]

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26 February 2007:
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