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Native American Spider Woman: detail
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Late night, 23-24 July 2006

The Motherhealers and The Octagon of Light Group: we weave things -- words, healings, ideas, prayers, images, songlines, dreams, oracles, rituals. We began in March 2001 as a small group of women -- one is a former colleague of mine from Pacifica; two are former Pacifica dissertation advisees of mine who now have their Ph.D's; still others are longtime personal friends, or daughters of friends, or friends of friends. Over the years we have all supported one another and blended our energies in rituals and on various projects.

A few of us have long been public through our writings or art but the past few months an explosion of others have gone public as healers and/or writers. I have created this page to share our work.......

[Listed Alphabetically]

Darielle Richards: [Click on link for her website]

Darielle entered my life as a Pacifica student who stood out because of the lyrical quality of her Franciscan mysticism. We would later learn that we have shared many earlier lives together, often along with her two daughters (see below for Ariana). Barbara Gardner and I were on her dissertation committee -- Darielle wrote a brilliant work on Tolkien and the Magus tradition that, hopefully, will be published in the near future.

Meanwhile, her new website focuses on her healing abilities and dream work. On a personal note, we have often shared our inner work and I have experienced firsthand what she does with a Pythagorean healing technique involving the primal "Numbers." I am a low-energy person and to be laid low with a flu is a serious problem, leaving me very drained and miserable.  I am intimately aware of the normal stages a flu takes in my body because I have had decades of experience with these.  But the past few years, countless times when I have felt a flu coming on, I have sent Darielle a "Medic Alert" and she immediately invokes the balancing "Numbers" (hopefully, she'll soon add a section to her website explaining this mysterious process that orginated with an elderly tree-healing Franciscan monk in Italy and a student from England who studied with him shortly before his death). To my neverending delight and relief, within hours, or a day at the most, the process is short-circuited and I feel fine! (FYI: she also does this work on my cats, with similar success.)

Additionally, anytime I travel, she "has my back," scanning my "Numbers" no matter where I am and interceding to keep me well. I, who once wound up with a flu 99% of the time when I traveled by air, have not had one since Darielle explained her work and offered me its wonders.

But Pythagorean healing is only one of Darielle's many approaches to healing.  As her webpage notes:

...Darielle Richards has been a healing practitioner, teacher, and intuitive for the past eighteen years. Following in the tradition of the indigenous ancestors, the mystic tradition of the West, C. G. Jung and the healing Tao, she gently facilitates the inner work that calls you. The goal is to recover the medicines of soul that promise to bring you home to the great thresholds of the heart where illumination, transformation, and deep wellness live....
Her work is truly phenomenal.
Kate VrMeer: [Click on link for photo and workshops]
Kate's work is equally phenomenal in its own right. We met in Southern California in the late 1980's and, with a third friend, opened Namaste, a small healing center in a quaint Ventura mall. Unfortunately, that project wasn't destined to be. The third friend left the area without warning, the center was abandoned, but Kate and I remained friends.

I have known Kate in many past lives and we have always been close friends and allies. She is an exceptional shaman and healer.  After the deaths of my maternal grandmother and my younger sister, for example, Kate journeyed to where they were and helped them to move on, whole and restored. Everything she told me about their emotional states fit with what I knew of them, although I had never shared that with Kate beforehand.

When my cat Shanti died October 12, 2005, it was Kate who accessed the crucial information I needed to help Shanti return March 7, 2006 in a new body (one day I hope to write a book about what I learned from Kate concerning the process of bringing one's animal familiar back in a new body -- they'll reincarnate regardless so if one already cherishes them, why not create a portal so they'll return to one's arms instead of taking their chances elsewhere?).

Over the years, I have relied greatly upon her insights and gifts of healing. She has a quiet calm about her, a gentleness and patience, and deep wisdom. She works with plant devas as well as cosmic avatars. Animals talk to her all the time -- so do rocks and trees.

As an example, just before New Years 2006, AEP, the local power company where I live in Michigan marked a maple tree on my front terrace for death because the company judged that her upper branches might one day interfere with their electrical wires.  I protested to the city. The electric company then offered me the option of having the maple brutally "topped off" to well below her current height.

I couldn't bear either her death or having much of her height hacked off. I'd named the tree Sif soon after I moved here in 2003 because of her strikingly golden autumn foliage -- golden-haired Sif is a Nordic goddess of grain and fertility.  After her death-sentence, I stared out my windows over the bleak winter weeks and asked her what she wanted me to do. But I'm not psychic and got no answer.

So I finally called Kate, who immediately got in touch with Sif.  Kate said that Sif knew how hard I was trying to save her and appreciated my efforts, which surprised Kate until I explained that I'd been telling her everything, but getting no response, since I lack that gift. Then Kate "saw" Sif falling gracefully, submissively, without protest, to the ground, preferring death to the severe mutilation offerd by the electric company. She only asked that I save some of her progeny.

Her willingness to die broke my heart. Kate said that dying isn't the same in the plant world as it is in the animal world. Even so, I couldn't bear her submissive sacrifice. It's exactly what too many women have done for too many generations.  I had a few young saplings of hers from earlier years that I could have transplanted to the front terrace, but they too would be doomed in a decade or so.  And in the meantime there'd be no shade, only bleakness, and none of Sif's playful loveliness.

I sought a compromise and contacted a local tree-person who works for the city and who totally disagreed with AEP.  He offered another option. He'd cut back less than 1/3rd of her height and he'd do it in such a way that she'd still look graceful and lovely.  I convinced the city to intercede for me (they own the terraces between street and sidewalk, which is where Sif grows). The City Manager was most helpful and I am grateful.

Sif's golden hair has now been cut only in her upper reaches. I've hung small metal windchimes among her lush lower branches where they now sing in the wind. She's still splendid and she'll eventually grow back. By then, hopefully, the electric company will have stopped decimating the magnificent trees in small Michigan towns and will instead be transitioning their powerlines underground, where they belong.

Without Kate's communication with my maple tree, I would have been working blindly, helplessly. I might well have allowed much of her to be lopped off in the mistaken notion that she'd prefer that to death, not knowing that death would be better from her perspective. Instead, armed with Kate's data, I was able to fight more sensibly and effectively.

Kate can talk with my cat Shanti and with my maple Sif. I don't know anyone else who can do that.  I envy and simultaneously revere such a gift <smile>.  Thus, when Kate mentioned her current schedule of workshops for 2006 in Sedona, Arizona, I gladly offered to create a webpage for her so that her amazing work may be more widely known. The above link will take you to that page.

[Listed Alphabetically]

Resa Steindel Brown: [Click on link for her website]

I met Resa through my then-student and friend, now Dr. Darielle Richards (see below) and felt an immediate connection to her earthiness and sense of humor.  Her book, The Call to Brilliance, will be published in January, but prepublication copies are available through This is an excerpt from a PR message about this book:
...The Call to Brilliance is a true story of triumph; it is a story of children who grew up listening to their own intuition and inner voice and found their passion and brilliance.  The Call to Brilliance redefines education and shows us how to create a more fulfilling, joyful, exuberant life; it provides an alternative path for the growth of the human spirit.  The foreword is written by William Glasser, M.D., author of Choice Theory, and the introduction is written by Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of Crack in the CosmicEgg and Magical Child.

"As soon as I read the first thirty pages, I was not only surprised, I was slightly overwhelmed. I could not put it down..." --William Glasser, M.D.

“I became totally engrossed in this engaging, inspiring, enlightening and unusual work…”  --Joseph Chilton Pearce

 "This is quite simply the best book on education ever written. But it is much more than that. It is a fine (nonfiction) novel. It has a plot, characters, a conflict, a theme and builds towards a satisfying conclusion..." --Peter Kline, author of The Everyday Genius.

"This book tells a story of courage and triumph. It reminds us of what we humans are capable of when given the opportunity to follow our unique paths from an early age...impossible to put down." --Charlotte F. LeHecka, PhD., Dir. Accelerative Learning

“Brilliance, genius and creativity is our children’s birthright. Resa shows how these natural capacities can be welcomed and wooed from the inside out…”  --Tobin Hart, Ph.D., author of The Spiritual Lives of Children
In the first two months, over 400 copies were sold throughout the United States, Canada and Australia by word of mouth only.  This book shows parents and educators how to take control of their children’s education and turn their challenges into strengths, their interests into passion, and passion into brilliance.
Barbara Gardner (aka "Barbara Rogers"): [Click on link for website about her latest book]
Barbara and I were already friends when we were hired in 1994 to teach in the then-new Mythological Studies Department at Pacifica Graduate Institute. We have remained friends through many ups and downs ever since. Her latest book is The Pearl of Great Price, a fascinating departure from her usual work.  I haven't had a chance to read it yet (it was just released this month, July 2006), but I will post a review when I do.

Barbara writes in a recent e-mail to me:'s a christian book, though has some mythic overtones. One major character is an Israeli archeologist who makes some goddess finds and questions the religious certainties of both Christians and Jews. The overall religious message is that doctrine is a red herring and  genuine, firsthand spiritual experience is the real issue, along with living a generous life in the service of love, not of fear.

Probably this book is doomed at birth, since conservatives will object to my stance against their warmongering and corporate thefts, while liberals won't like my stance that Israel has the right to defend itself. I take a dim view of Jihadists, suicide bombers (whatever they think their provocation is), and men who keep women in purdah. Well, let the critics make hash of me. I've said my say and stand by it. My main goal was to get Christian readers of whatever denomination to look at the contradiction between the Sermon on the Mount and the political machinations of the rightwingers. If that can be done, I'll consider the time well spent....

Kathleen Jenks
I was hired in April 2005 as the mythology consultant on an exciting biofeedback-using video game, Wisdom Quest, the second in The Journey to Wild Divine series. I also wrote the game's Companion Guide, a journal-style novella, available in a pdf format for an immediate download.
Marlene Satter (aka "Lee Barwood"): [Click on link for photo, books, and harp info]
Marlene and I became e-friends in 2004 over the serious problems posed by industrial agriculture. She is a freelance writer who sent me many valuable links concerning this issue. Slowly, we found that we shared other interests as well -- I learned that she is a harpist and also a reiki practioner. She became one of the Motherhealers a year ago. About her new book, here is what her publisher's webpage says:
A DREAM OF DROWNED HOLLOW, Lee’s Gryphon Award-winning ecological fantasy novel.

There are spirits afoot deep in the Ozark hills of Blackburn County, Arkansas.  Things happen. Ghosts walk. Elemental creatures dance to the wild music of the rhythms of Nature. And those who’ve lived in the hills for generations can see them.

But now there’s activity of another kind ravaging the hills; bulldozers, chainsaws, and hunters of man and beast. As old-growth trees fall to developers, rivers are dammed, hollows are flooded, and residents are driven from land settled by their many-times-great-grandparents, April Rue Stoner hopes against hope that her gift can help her stop the destruction before everything she’s ever known is gone.

Marlene herself writes:
. . .It won Andre Norton's Gryphon Award in 1990, and the dear Lady did all she could to help me find a publisher for it but nothing seemed to work.  She passed away in March of last year and in early April the book was accepted -- I am positive that she found the publisher and helped it along, for a number of reasons.  It's an environmental fantasy novel, and sadly, it's even more apt now than it was when I wrote it. . . .
My own schedule is so hectic that I haven't had the leisure to read this nor the other books on this page, but one day I'll post a review. As a longtime admirer of Andre Norton's work, I'm very impressed by her championing of Marlene's novel. I know I'll love it too.
[FYI: Marlene has two other webpages, one for her harp therapy work, Harp's Desire and another for all her Lee Barwood books.]
[Listed Alphabetically]
..."Lady of the Dahlias": detail of her sister, Bethany, by Ariana Richards
Darielle's daughter, Ariana Richards: [Click on link for her gallery website]
Ariana is perhaps best known as the young granddaughter in Stephen Spielberg's Jurassic Park. But since then, she has grown into a wise and very talented young woman whose art is attracting much attention on the West Coast. When we all lived in Southern California, Ariana and her sister Bethany were frequent participants in the Octagon of Light rituals her mother and I held in their gracious home. Those are very loving, happy memories.
...From The Green World Oracle [forthcoming]:
India's Goddess of the Pipal (Bodhi) Tree, with Wild Goats, by Sandra Stanton
Sandra Stanton: [Click on link for her website]
Sandra and I "met" online in early February 1999. A former student of mine had commissioned a painting from her and also mentioned my website, which had only been online for three monhs at that point. Sandra fell in love with the website and e-mailed me. When I saw the link to her own website, I explored it and was equally smitten with its power and excellence. I e-mailed to ask if she'd be willing to do the artwork "on spec" for my Green World Oracle. After reading the text, she enthusiastically agreed and we have been partners in this project for over seven years now (only four paintings remain to be completed and then we hope to find a publisher). We have never met in person yet I think we both feel we've known each other forever.

Sandra needs no further introduction to regular readers of Myth*ing Links because her marvelous art is found on many of my pages.

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