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The Three Monotheisms:

Noli Me Tangere
("Do not touch me," spoken when Christ appeared to Mary Magdalene outside the garden-tomb,
for his resurrected body was not yet stable enough on the physical plane for such contact)
Fra Angelico (1400-1445)
[Courtesy of Carol L. Gerten (Jackson) at CGFA]
From Fordham's Paul Halsall comes this extensive listing of sources on the Origins of Christianity.  (It includes a brilliant paper arguing forcefully against the methods of the Jesus Seminar, "The Gospel According to the Jesus Seminar," by one of my own professors, Birger A. Pearson.)  Plan to spend a long time here.
This site by Religious Studies graduate student Alan Humm (University of Pennsylvania) is an excellent selection of Jewish and Christian "On-Line Primary Literature Related to ancient Near Eastern religions, Hellenistic Mediterranian religions and Biblical Study."

Michelangelo's "Temptation and Fall"
(from the Sistine Chapel Ceiling: see link directly below)
Again from Alan Humm comes this fine collection of images of "The Temptation of Adam and Eve."  They range from the third century onwards.
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Near East Opening Page/Index

The Tigris-EuphratesRiver Valley
(also known as Mesopotamia, Sumer, Babylonia, Assyria)
     Lilith Remembered: a poem by Kathy Robles
(which once covered much of modern Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Israel)
Anatolia & Central Asia
(which once covered much of modern Turkey & beyond to the Eurasian steppes)
Contemporary Iraq
The Three Desert-Born Monotheisms: Judaism, Christianity & Islam
     Rabi'a al-'Adawiyya, an 8th Century Islamic Saint from Iraq
The Crone Papers: Notes on the Mideast:
What Can We Do About Terrorism? by Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret.

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Note: Bar-separators are a detail I cropped from the famous Standard of Ur  (c.2600-2400 BCE), found in Time/Life's series, MYTH AND MANKIND: Epics of Early Civilization:
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