2008 Spring
Workshop Schedule

with Kate VrMeer

Plant Talk
When we love anything enough, it will give up all its secrets to us.  This is the key to communicating with plants.  As we respectfully learn their Medicine, we also learn to heal ourselves.  This process is especially helpful for herbalists and anyone suffering from plant allergies.

March 29th & 30th, 10 AM to 5:30 PM

Shamanic Journeying
Learn how to navigate safely through the various spiritual realms and develop lasting relationships with your power animals and teachers. Practice power animal retrievals and simple yet powerful healings with upper world teachers.

April 19th & 20th, 10AM to 5PM

Spiritual Alchemy:
Transmuting emotional and physical pain
Transmute emotional and physical patterns that block you from being your true self.  Transform your life as you learn the 7 Mindfulness Attitudes.  Learn how to respond from your truth rather than from reactive, disempowering patterns.

May 3rd  & 4th, 10 AM to 5 PM

Spiritual Alchemy:
Working In Partnership With the Divine
Release your pain as you learn to dive into the unconscious and heal the wounds you hold in your body.  Learn how to work with the Divine as it intercedes on your behalf, clearing away past trauma and negative patterns.

June 7th & 8th, 10 AM to 5 PM


Cost: weekend workshops are $200; a $50 deposit is due 2 weeks prior to the workshop. Space is limited.
More advanced workshops such as Soul Retrieval, Psycho pomp, and Extraction
may be offered if there are enough skilled participants.
Kate VrMeer
560 Sunshine Lane, Sedona AZ 86336
       For further information call 928.203.9477



Kate VrMeer has been a healing practitioner since 1992 and has been teaching workshops since 1995.  In her private practice she specializes in intuitive healing and Plant Spirit Medicine.  Kate is also a certified acupressurist and Ananda Hatha Yoga teacher.

Despite having studied under many respected teachers, including Eliot Cowan, Sandra Ingerman, and Corbin Harney, Kate received her most significant training directly from the Divine.  From this Divinely guided instruction, she healed herself of debilitating health conditions.  Now she passes these techniques onto her clients and workshop students.  In her “Spiritual Alchemy” workshops Kate focuses on these transformative teachings.

Kate states, “We are all magnificent, vibrant beings.  Every time we deny this truth we create imbalances, which solidify our dualistic perceptions of the world.  These impressions of fear, isolation, and scarcity hide our truth from us.  It is only by learning who we really are that we can free ourselves from these limiting perspectives.

"The origin of illness, or any imbalance, is a false perception held at the spiritual or mental level.  When unaddressed, the illness seeps into the emotional body and finally invades the physical body.  In order to truly heal, we must go back to the illness’ point of origin.  My work starts here. Learning to live by living your truth is the essence of my work.

 “Celebrate the potential of humanity as you learn to live more genuinely, creatively, and wholeheartedly.  Literally, be more alive than you’ve ever been before.”


Kate’s workshops and healings have deepened my life in ways that are unbelievable, truly transformative.  I am more relaxed, accepting and, I hear, more playful.  My kids love the change.  My wife says I am more available to my family now.  I just know I feel like myself again.
                    -- J Wills, Building Contractor

Kate has introduced me to a whole new world of healing.  Kate is a remarkably gifted practitioner who brings great sensitivity, wisdom and caring to her work.  My only regret is that I lived my first 50 years without it!  The immediacy and effectiveness of results is so impressive.  Physically I have been able to significantly reduce my medication.  On the mind/spirit level I experience a greater sense of contentment and well-being.
                   -- Bete O’Connor, CMT

I have often had the occasion to refer colleagues and interested students to Kate.  Everyone, without exception, has come back to me with the highest praise for Kate’s help.  They speak of her deep caring quality, her skill and professionalism, her generosity, and the gentle humor with which she conveys information. For me, personally, her friendship and help have been a precious gift for many years.
                   -- Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.

Kate’s Healing Sessions:

Kate does in-person and long distance intuitive healings: $125 for a hour and a half session

Plant Spirit Medicine
$150 for first session, $75 for return sessions


   Kate VrMeer
560 Sunshine Lane, Sedona AZ 86336
        For further information call 928.203.9477

Sedona landscapes with Kate VrMeer
photographed by Robert Albrecht for the Japanese magazine, FRaU.

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